Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Names New Legal Professionals Director

Kevin ChandlerCenter City, Minn. (July 18, 2016)—The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation announced today it has named Kevin Chandler the director of its Legal Professionals Program. Chandler replaces Patrick Krill, who will continue his work with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation on a consulting basis.

Chandler, a licensed attorney and board certified alcohol and drug counselor, has focused his clinical work on treating professionals who face unique challenges as a result of their public profiles or reputations, work-related stress and a high investment in education and credentialing.

"I know first-hand the unique struggles that legal professionals experience in the recovery process," Chandler said. "The legal community very much needs this program, and I'm proud to be part of it."

Chandler is also the author of The Lawyer's Light, a book of daily meditations for attorneys published by ABA Publishing. Chandler currently serves on the Board of Directors of Minnesota Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers which provides assistance to lawyers, judges, law students and their immediate families. He was previously a practicing attorney and a member of the Minnesota State Senate.

A recent study jointly released by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and the American Bar Association found that one in three practicing lawyers are problem drinkers, based on the volume and frequency of alcohol consumed.

"The good news is that as awareness of addiction in the legal profession grows, more lawyers will seek the help they need to put their lives and families back together," Chandler said. "This program aims to do just that."

Chuck Rice, the executive director of Hazelden in Center City, Minn., said that Chandler's experience in law and politics in combination with his clinical skills make him a valuable addition to the program.

"There are many addiction counselors out there, and there are many, many lawyers," said Rice. "But it's really rare to find someone who is both. Our legal professional patients will benefit mightily from Kevin's experience and background as a clinician, practicing attorney and former state senator."

About the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
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