Jessica Wong

Regional Business Development Director for the Central and Eastern Regions at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Jessica provides resources and information for families and professionals needing treatment and recovery resources for adolescents and young adults across the country. Jessica has worked at Hazelden for over eleven years and has served in various marketing and outreach capacities. Jessica is a well-known speaker nationally on the topic of teens and technology, and has spoken to parent and professional audiences across the country on this topic. Jessica is also a member of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Institutional Review Board for the Butler Center for Research, and Co-chair of the Partners in Prevention community coalition. She has a BA in professional journalism and a minor in sociology of law, crime, and deviance from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Territory: Central and Eastern Region and Minnesota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire
Specialties: Youth and Addiction, Teens and Technology
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Phone apps are predators' new gateway, parents are warned, Star Tribune, 9/22/16 

Warp Speed: Parenting and Working with Teens in a Digital Age

In today's fast paced world, technology is evolving more rapidly than our ability to understand its long-term impact on our society and our kids. In fact, research suggests that frequent use of entertainment technology by young people is actually changing the way the young brain develops and processes things such as impulse control and perception of harm. The unlimited access kids have to technology today allows them to experience an entire world at their fingertips. And while the use of technology certainly has its benefits, there are also applications that put our kids at greater risk for developing problems with things such as drugs and alcohol or bullying. This fun, fast-paced and interactive presentation will provide an overview of how kids are using technology, what they are using, the impact technology is having on social and emotional development,  and how to help kids use technology in a balanced and safe way.

This presentation is appropriate for parents, communities, students, and professionals that work with parents and young people. The student presentation component is only offered if the presentation is made available to parents as well.

I have attended Jessica Wong's Warp Speed technology session twice, and each time have learned something new to think about.  As a school social work supervisor assisting my staff and supporting 12 member districts, I feel strongly that the material you present is not only helpful to school staff and mental health professionals, but could be very helpful to parents as they try to navigate thru technology that our children and students are using. Additionally, I am a parent of a teenager and it has assisted me in having some great conversations about technology with him. Thanks again Jessica for your support and dedication to our kids, professionals, schools, parents and families.
-Dan Porter, 916 District School Social Work Lead

Jessica's presentation highlights information that parents NEED to be aware of and how the technology can socially and emotionally impact our children and students. In addition, the presentation gives some guidelines for parents to follow in terms of setting boundaries with their children, which is critical for the health and well-being of our children. Furthermore, with the rapid changes in apps and technology, it is helpful to be made aware of what is new out there and what children can access.
-Kjirsten Hanson, LCSW, Chemical Health Specialist

I was so impressed with the outstanding work Jessica did with the webinar Warp Speed: Parenting and Working with kids in a Digital Age that I have shared it with a number of the families I work with. Some are parents, since I have specialized training in Couples Counseling, and some are kids and teens who I fear are being hurt by our "brave new world" in the digital age. For example, a second grader was held back and had to repeat second grade because of tablets, video games, computers, smart phones and TV. Some parents are very hard to convince, and most teens do not think "it will happen to me." In fact, a brilliant high school student who scored a perfect on his SATs in junior year failed his senior year because his parents didn't understand how harmful the time their son was spending with technology was. I could go on and on with these examples. I am writing because I would like to make DVDs, or be able to forward your video to many teens and families. Our communities especially our kids are in big trouble! Thank you and Hazelden Betty Ford for your outstanding work.
-Heather Freyone-Mechanic, Ed.D., Licensed APN, BC & Licensed CNS in Psychiatry & Mental Health, Licensed MFT

To schedule a presentation, please contact Jessica Wong by email.

Warp Speed Presentation Highlights
  • Moundsview Schools student services staff training, Moundsview, MN - October, 2016
  • Break-out session presenter at the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors annual conference  - October, 2016
  • East Metro Crime Prevention Coalition Dangers of Technology seminar for law enforcement, legal professionals, and educators, Stillwater, MN - September, 2016
  • Warp speed presentations for school professionals and community members in Jackson County, MN - March, 2016
  • Warp Speed work shop for professionals at Hazelden in Chaska, MN - February, 2016
  • Warp Speed webinar for professionals - February 2016
  • Warp Speed presentation to professionals at Hazelden's Youth and Addiction spring seminar - March, 2015
  • Warp Speed presentation to professionals at Anoka-Hennepin School District staff development training - August, 2015
  • Warp Speed presentation to professionals at the Minnesota School Social Worker's annual conference - October, 2015
  • Warp Speed key-note presentation to professionals at the day-long Cyber Safety symposium in McHenry County, Illinois - October, 2015
  • Warp Speed presentation to professionals in New York City - October 2014
  • Warp Speed presentation to community members and parents in partnership with the Brooklyn Park Police Department - March, 2014
  • Warp Speed presentation  at Cook, Collaborate, Communicate event for professionals in partnership with CRC Health Group - January, 2014
  • November 9 - Minnetonka Family Collaborative and Tonka Cares Parenting with Purpose educational series, Minnetonka, MN
  • November 10 - Hazelden Betty Ford Youth and Addiction conference, Minneapolis, MN
  • November 17 - Hazelden Betty Ford Youth and Addiction conference, Chicago, IL
  • November 30 - Dakota County, West St. Paul, MN
  • December 6 - Lakeville School District student services staff training, Lakeville, MN
  • March 8 - Lakeville School District parents and families training, Lakeville, MN