John Sakacs

Outreach Manager

After graduating from Purdue University, John has enjoyed a long, successful twenty plus year sales and marketing career, starting with three Fortune 500 organizations. In addition to John's early success in medical sales with a Johnson & Johnson company, he believes the many skills and contacts he developed while working with Twin Town Treatment Centers (six IOP's) makes him a valuable asset for the Hazelden Betty Ford Outreach team.

John has also had the privilege of founding a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, City2 Sea in 2003. As Executive Director for twelve years, he gave inner-city youth a world class marine science education and access to the ocean. John understands the challenges and rewards of the nonprofit business model at every level.

John continues to volunteer for City2 Sea as "Captain of the Floating Classrooms", for an occasional weekend expedition to sea. Personally and professionally, getting people sober has been John's primary goal.
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