Brenda J. Iliff

Executive Director, Hazelden in Naples

Brenda J. Iliff is the executive director of Hazelden in Naples, Florida, where the facility provides an innovative, accessible community model for patients and families seeking recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Hazelden in Naples offers comprehensive adult services ranging from on-site residential treatment to day treatment to intensive outpatient treatment, as well as family education and support.

More than 20 years experience in the addiction field, as both a clinician and health care executive, enhances her leadership and expertise in treating this family disease. Prior to that, Iliff worked in nursing home management. Iliff first joined Hazelden in 1994 and served in many different roles, including as executive director of Fellowship Club in St. Paul, Minnesota and clinical director of Hazelden’s Women’s Recovery Center at the headquarters in Center City, Minnesota.

Iliff completed her undergraduate degree in Gerontology and Chemical Dependency from Metro State University in St. Paul, Minnesota and received her master’s degree in Counseling from Regent University. She is the author of A Woman’s Guide to Recovery, and several articles on women and recovery plus recovery management. A public speaker and presenter on addiction issues supports Iliff’s ability to connect with audiences through live broadcast interviews.

Iliff is a Minnesota native who resides with her husband in the Naples, Florida community.

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