Janelle Wesloh, MBA, LADC

Executive Director of Recovery Management

Janelle Wesloh has been in the addiction treatment field for over 20 years and contributed most of her career at Hazelden. Wesloh has held many roles at Hazelden, including youth counselor, intake counselor, continuing care counselor, electronic medical record designer, and privacy officer. In October of 2009 she assumed the role of Director of Recovery Management where she oversees the online recovery support program called MORE (My Ongoing Recovery Experience) and the Lodge program and weekend retreats at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center on the main campus in Center City, Minnesota. Wesloh has also added the Hazelden Connection to her area of responsibility, an intensive support and monitoring program for those in early recovery and their families.

Wesloh is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in the state of Minnesota; she has an undergraduate degree in applied psychology with an emphasis in chemical dependency counseling, and an MBA from Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Wesloh has presented at national addiction treatment conferences on:
  • Moving from an acute to a chronic model
  • Importance of continuing care planning
  • Electronic options for ongoing recovery
  • Lessons learned from implementing an online recovery management program
Wesloh has provided numerous print and broadcast interviews and published articles:
  • "Online Support for Addiction: New Options in the Workplace" in Employee Assistance Report
  • "Benefits of Electronic Record Management Systems" in Counselor magazine
  • "Hazelden Seeing Stronger Recovery Through Post-Treatment Support" in Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly.
Wesloh resides in Minnesota and enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and biking.

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