Facing Addiction as a Family

With the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's family-based programs, families and addicts can find healing from addiction, together.

Being There for Families

Addiction is called a family disease for good reason. Families are in pain. By the time most families reach out for help, the disease has progressed to a crisis level. Families feel traumatized and overwhelmed; they've been lied to and betrayed. There are arguments and confrontations, slamming doors, and sleepless nights. Often, there's more serious trouble an accident, a lost job, an arrest.

Families need help in their own right. Our educational and support programs help families learn about the disease of addiction and how it affects them. With care and support, families are able to work through the chaos they've experienced, understand how to set healthy boundaries, and begin to rebuild a trusting relationship with their loved one.

Knowing that the disease of addiction can be passed from one generation to the next, our prevention programs embrace children who are directly affected and educate K-12 students, their parents and school communities.

Being There for Kids

Unwittingly, young children are a part of a loved one's addiction, and deserve to be a part of the recovery process. How the disease affects them and their family can create feelings of isolation and blame that are difficult to express openly. Without an understanding of those feelings, children will not have the opportunity to truly heal.

For kids of families facing addiction, our Children's Program provides that healing through a balanced blend of learning, playing and growing. Children are not only given a true understanding of addiction, but learn in ways that allow them to still be kids. In our supportive environment with fun recreational activities, kids feel more encouraged to express their feelings about the disease. We help them make sense of those feelings and realize that they are not to blame for a loved one's struggles with addiction.

As importantly, we help children develop preventative tactics. By instilling a variety of coping and healthy living skills, we build upon their strengths and intrinsic worth. For a child, these skills provide the opportunity to alter a cycle of addiction in the family. For their loved ones recovering from the disease, this program is an opportunity to share the gift of sobriety with their children.

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