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In this video, learn about our Institute for Recovery Advocacy's past, present and future, and hear from the people who are leading our efforts today.

The Institute for Recovery Advocacy: A Leading Voice

Former First Lady Betty Ford put a courageous face on recovery in 1978 when, at age 60, she openly sought treatment for addiction to alcohol and prescription medications. Her candor created a national dialogue and lifted the shame surrounding addiction, unlocking the door to recovery, especially among women. She represents our strong advocacy roots at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation—roots that also include important contributions to landmark "parity" legislation, robust public education initiatives and leadership establishing a modern recovery advocacy movement built on reducing stigma by highlighting the positive faces and voices of recovering people. With roots so strong, the Hazelden Betty Ford Institute for Recovery Advocacy - a merger of the former Betty Ford Center Institute and Hazelden Center for Public Advocacy - is now a leading national voice on all matters related to addiction prevention, treatment and recovery. Our focus in 2016 is on fighting America's opioid epidemic, educating the public about the risks of expanded marijuana use, and preventing the negative effects of binge drinking among youth.