Alcohol Rehab

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The Betty Ford Center has been providing alcohol rehab treatment and services for patients and their families for almost 25 years. When Susan Ford, the daughter of President and Mrs. Ford, initiated an intervention of her mother when she was just 19 years old, no one could have foreseen that only five years later her mother and Leonard Firestone would found one of the most successful addiction treatment centers in the world.

Because Mrs. Ford and Leonard Firestone were both able to achieve long-term sobriety with the benefit of treatment followed by a commitment to a Twelve Step way of life, they wanted to make sure that Twelve Step spirituality was at the core of everything they created at their alcohol rehabilitation center.

Therefore, when she and Leonard Firestone set out to create an alcohol rehabilitation center, they wanted to ensure that the same elements were present at the Betty Ford Center. They worked hard to establish a complete continuum of care, including an alcohol rehab detox staffed by doctors and nurses 24 hours a day.

Treatment is certainly not a replacement for Twelve Step recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous or any other Twelve Step program. Alcohol rehab is designed to provide safety, structure, education and hope to those struggling with addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Mrs. Ford entered alcohol rehab at the Long Beach Naval Hospital; the treatment approach for alcohol rehab had a medical component in addition to a Twelve Step emphasis. This ensured that those entering treatment would be provided with a safe, secure detox as the first step in their alcohol rehab.

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