Getting to Know Our Grad School Staff

Deb Mattison—Connecting with our students one by one

If you studied at the Graduate School, it goes without saying that our registrar, Deb Mattison, helped you out along the way.

She may have taken you on a campus tour, conducted your orientation activities, notified you of your financial aid grant, advised you on selecting the right courses each semester, helped you navigate immigration regulations, organized your graduation or steered you through the complicated process of gaining your licensure after you completed the program.

Or, she may have simply listened quietly when you needed a friend to talk to.

Since Deb first joined the Graduate School staff in 1999 (she's one of our longest serving employees), she's done all these things—and more.

When Deb first started working here, she had no plans to make a long-term commitment to the Grad School. At that time, she had two small children and was simply in need of a nearby job. She thought she'd stick around for a year—maybe two.

What's kept her here for 17 years? "It's the students," she says. "They've all been touched by recovery somehow. And they want to give back. Knowing that I'm helping them really makes me want to get up every morning and come into work."

It's been gratifying for her to see the school grow over the years. "I started with 14 students for the year," recalls Deb. "Now we have rolling admissions with three terms a year and around 40 new students each semester. Last year we had 224!"

With that kind of increase, we knew we had to get Deb some help. So today there are four staff members in Student Services, smoothing the way for students as they work their way through the program and beyond.

Deb misses some of the close interaction she used to have with students when she handled it all—but after 17 years of wearing so many hats, there's an upside for her too: "Next week, I'm taking a vacation. It used to be so hard to be gone for a whole week. Now I'm not even stressed about it."

Deb—you deserve it!

Alumni, Deb would love to catch up with you and hear about what you're doing today (and she promises she remembers every single one of you)!

You can reach her at

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