Educating Minds and Hearts

Generous donors fund life-changing experiences

Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso have been generous donors to the Summer Institute for Medical Students (SIMS) program for a number of years, and we are incredibly grateful for their contributions. They have renewed their partnership with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to support our Summer Institute for Medical Students program with a substantial gift over the next two years. This will help a great deal of medical students attend SIMS and participate in this life-changing experience. Gifts like this cover ll SIMS expenses, including flights, hotels, meals, program materials, and a once-in-a-lifetime insider’s view into the world of addiction treatment and recovery.

Almine and Bernard sponsor students from a large number of medical schools in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Almine and Bernard are highly involved in the arts and have a number of foundations around the world to support a multitude of their causes. Their philanthropic efforts are wide ranging and demonstrate their commitment to projects they’re passionate about. We thank Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso for their continued support. Our programs thrive as a result of their incredible generosity.

Educational and emotional

Medical students and professionals are evaluated for their understanding of addiction when they apply to participate in our medical and professional education programs and again at the end of their week-long sessions. The goal of our programs is to raise the awareness of each participant, so that they may respond positively to every survey statement.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Summer Institute for Medical Students survey statements


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Summer Institute for Medical Students survey results 

“One of the most educational and emotional experiences I’ve had in medical school. The SIMS program will allow me to be a more compassionate physician who heals rather than just treats her patients. I couldn’t have had a better experience to learn about the disease of addiction.”
– Heli B., Texas A & M Health Science Center College of Medicine
Summer Institute for Medical Students participant

“Not only do I feel like I have a much better understanding of addiction and recovery, I also have a better understanding of how to connect with people. I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity and for the inspiring people I met and stories I heard at Hazelden Betty Ford.”
– Jenna P., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Summer Institute for Medical Students participant 

Together, we will overcome addiction.

We invite you to learn more about how the power of your giving supports addiction treatment, research and education at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Please call 888-535-9485, email us, or visit our website.

Our Medical and Professional Education programs—made possible through the generosity of donors—equip hundreds of professionals every year with the tools, knowledge and insight to effectively address the disease of addiction.

It’s only because of your commitment and support that we can offer these life-changing lessons in lifesaving care.
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