Why I give...and hope you will too

The Difference You Make

Paul W., Alumnus of the Medical Professionals ProgramNot long ago, Paul W., a physician in Las Vegas, met with his attorney to plan for the future. That's when he decided to include the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in his will. He realized it was the most powerful way to help people struggling with addiction. Paul explains in his own words why he thinks "it's just a no-brainer."

I thought I could never be an alcoholic or drug addict because I had a house, cars, money—I was doing fine.

Turns out that being financially secure doesn't save you from emotional bankruptcy.

I went to the specialized program for Health Care Professionals at the Betty Ford Center, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, in 2005. There, I began my journey of recovery with people who had accomplished a great deal professionally but were suffering personally—people just like me.

The program gave me hope that I could be happy while maintaining sobriety. I learned tools for coping that didn't involve numbing myself.

But the real value in the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for me—the reason that I donate every year and decided to leave a gift for them in my will—is because of the Children's Program, dedicated to helping the children of loved ones struggling with addiction. It made all the difference for my kids.

I know my children would not be the amazing people they are without the education and support they received through the Children's Program. And to this day—11 years later—I still see how well the program equipped them to deal with the stresses of growing up in today's world.

I truly believe that God made me an addict and brought me down this path because the gifts of recovery—for me and my family—are so abundant. Without the Betty Ford Center, I never would have gotten my start down that path.

By leaving a donation to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in my will, I know I am giving others the opportunity to benefit from the same love, grace and unconditional support I received while I was there.

I can't think of a better use of my money.

There is no amount of money I could ever give to the people at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to repay them. But it doesn't mean I can't try.

You, too, can leave a Legacy of Hope

Many of our supporters believe so passionately in the life-changing power of recovery that they choose to include the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in their estate plans. Join them, and become a member of the Legacy of Hope Society.

Visit HazeldenBettyFord.org/LegacyOfHope to learn more about creating your legacy of giving.

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