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A magazine for alumni, donors, friends and colleagues of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Together chronicles the hope and support we share.

"Addiction isn't who you are. Addiction is a disease, and there is an answer."

Those reassuring words—from alumna Janina H.—offer an inkling of the considerable recovery wisdom collected for you in the pages of Together.

In recovery, words of wisdom are born of experience and shared through mutual support. How many times in your journey have you heard just the right words, at just the right time, in just the right way? Who knows which words of wisdom will speak to you as you meet new friends and fellow travelers in this issue of Together.

Read about John B., and his mother, Susan B., who reveal why addiction is called a family disease.

Follow Jessica L., who thought her drug problem was simply that her tolerance to opioid pain medications was too high.

Hear from alums Dan G. and Sandy K., who join Janina H. in offering words of insight and fellowship.

Learn what inspired donors to make transformative gifts to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation: "Gratitude Is a Lifesaver", "True Grit", and "Sharing What Works".

We're also pleased to bring you news from across the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, including a Q&A with Connection counselor Jeff McKenzie and a heartwarming conversation with our telefund team members. Plus, you will find updates about our St. Paul campus expansion.

Most of all, thank you for being a member of the greater Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation family. Together chronicles the hope and support we share.
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Mark G. Mishek
President and CEO, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Spring Together Magazine

Betsy Farver Smith, vice president of philanthropy and alumni relations invites you to enjoy the inspiring stories featured in the 2016 spring edition of the alumni and donor magazine, Together.

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Spring 2016 Articles Featured in Together Magazine and in the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation blog

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Finding His Way

The lost-and-found story of a beloved son's return from addiction. See More>

Powering Through Her Pain

When alum Jessica L. realized drugs were defining her life. See More>

Putting Their Hearts on the Line

Fundraising phone calls generate gifts of gratitude and remembrance. See More>

Scouting the Roadblocks

Guiding clients through the ups and downs of early recovery. See More>

Sharing What Works

Finding the right help at the right timeā€”and ensuring others will... See More>

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Three people with hands raised, Manhattan skyline in the distance

The Power of We

See hope at work in the lives of alumni Read More >

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Chryse, her husband, a horse, and a car on a farm

True Grit

Transforming the unmanageable into her life's calling. Read More >

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Using new tools and research to get a strong start on recovery Read More >

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