First steps in finding addiction help for your family


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If you're concerned about a loved one's alcohol or other drug use, call us toll-free at 1-866-831-5700 to talk with an addiction recovery expert. A professional assessment is the best way to establish an accurate clinical diagnosis to determine the most-appropriate type of care. We'll help you sort out the situation and determine the next steps in finding the answers and help you need. Phone consultations are free and confidential. Addiction treatment services are covered by insurance for most patients at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Addiction doesn't happen overnight.

It's a gradual process. Sometimes family members don't recognize the small changes that occur daily, weekly, or monthly—or how they are adapting to these changes.

Do any of these behaviors sound familiar?

  • Playing detective and trying to find where your loved one is hiding alcohol or other drugs
  • Constantly checking up on your loved one
  • Putting off plans with friends or family because you're not sure what condition your loved one will be in
  • Making excuses for your loved one's behavior or absence

With the best of intentions, families tend to cope with the fear and chaos of addiction by keeping secrets, finding scapegoats, and adopting other unhealthy behaviors—preoccupation, denial, enabling, blaming. At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, our educational and support programs, family services, apps, and publications are designed to help your family learn about the disease of addiction, recognize how you've all been affected, and develop healthy new ways of coping. With care and support, your family can:

  • Work through the chaos you've experienced
  • Understand how to set healthy boundaries
  • Begin to build a trusting relationship with your loved one following treatment

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol or other drugs?

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