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Evidence-based addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery resources for schools and families.

You believe. And we do, too. All young people deserve the chance to figure out who they are, what they care about, and who they want to be when they grow up. But when alcohol or other drugs are in the picture, those dreams get put on hold or are lost for good. At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, we specialize in helping young people find fresh starts and rebuild their hopes and dreams. Our nonprofit foundation helps young people live free from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, and our expertise spans evidence-based prevention initiatives to proven-effective treatment and recovery programs. Through published resources, clinical care, professional education and research, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is here for you—so you can be there for the students and families who count on you.

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For School Support Staff

Your quick guide to prevention, treatment and recovery services, and resources.



Universal prevention and intervention resources to help students and their families understand the risks and realities of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use–and related issues including violence and anti-social behavior.

We help you by:

  • delivering school– and community-based substance abuse prevention programs
  • providing effective community engagement and parent education opportunities
  • conducting surveys and assessments to help you get a clear picture of student attitudes and behaviors
  • connecting staff with the latest thinking and best practices in prevention through professional conferences, on-site training, and professional development opportunities
  • offering webinars and web content related to today's most relevant prevention topics
  • publishing evidence-based curricula to prevent substance abuse, violence, and other anti-social behaviors. Our best-selling titles include:
    • Protecting You/Protecting Me
    • Project Northland
    • Class Action
    • Olweus
    • Safe Dates
    • Respect WORKS!
    • Lifelines

Learn more about our prevention and intervention curriculum.

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Intervention and Assessments

Intervention and Assessments

Targeted intervention and support resources to help students and families figure out next steps in getting answers and help when faced with substance abuse and related issues.

We help you by:

  • sharing a free, confidential online self-assessment tool for you to offer students and families,
  • providing a toll-free number and easy access to an addiction professional who can start the treatment pre-entry process for families
  • equipping your school with an evidence-based brief intervention program, TeenIntervene—along with implementation training
  • consulting about school substance use policies and protocols to ensure an effective response when students are caught using alcohol or other drugs
  • providing expert content for your school or district website about risks and consequences of alcohol and other drug use and other adolescent behavioral health issues and concerns; and
  • connecting staff with the latest thinking and best practices in intervention and assessment through professional conferences, on-site training, and professional development opportunities

Learn more about educational opportunities for professionals.

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Treatment and Support

Treatment and Support

Individualized treatment and support for students and families who may be struggling with addiction by connecting them with developmentally appropriate treatment and recovery solutions.

We help you by:

  • offering students and families a full continuum of evidence-based, integrated care, including:
    • residential addiction treatment
    • outpatient addiction treatment
    • mental health services
    • family programs
  • providing expert content for your school or district website about risks and consequences of alcohol and other drug use, and other adolescent behavioral health issues and concerns; and
  • connecting you with the latest information about addiction treatment for adolescents and young adults through professional conferences, on-site training, and professional development opportunities

Learn more about our teen and young adult addiction treatment services.

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Recovery Management

Recovery Management

Ongoing care for students to support their return to school, activities, and home following treatment.

We help you by:

  • surrounding students in recovery and their families with a ready network of support, from formal, in-person coaching and monitoring services to anytime/anywhere online resources, to ease the transition back to school, and;
  • recommending products and services that will help you integrate students back into the school who have just completed addiction treatment.

Learn more about the recovery management tools your students have access to.

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For the Students and Families You Help

A quick guide to finding answers and accessing resources



Teen experimentation with alcohol and other drugs is something most parents fear—for good reason. Emerging research suggests the risks may be worse than you think. Bottom line? The younger a person is when he or she starts to drink or use other drugs, the more likely he or she is to engage in other harmful behaviors—and to develop addiction later in life.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers a vast array of educational resources to prevent risky behaviors and build resilience, including:

  • Free, downloadable one-page fact sheets on issues related to adolescent and young adult behavioral health
  • Free blogs and webinars on emerging issues and pressing concerns
  • The latest research and survey results related to youth, teens and addiction, from treatment outcomes to attitudes and behaviors regarding marijuana
  • Best-selling books on parenting, family dynamics, and raising resilient children

Meet Willow, a certified animal-assisted programming dog at Hazelden's Plymouth Minnesota campus.

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By 12th grade, nearly one-third of teens have used an illicit drug, and almost half have consumed alcohol. Teen alcohol and other drug use is commonplace, and parents need to take a closer look if you suspect their son or daughter is using. Even if addiction is not in the picture, teen experimentation with alcohol and other drugs can result in severe and lasting consequences—accidents, unintentional overdoses, violence, sexual trauma, and legal issues.

Find helpful tools and resources about the signs of teen alcohol and other drug use—and how to take steps to intervene when needed.

Is it addiction? Without expert assessment and diagnosis, the struggle to find answers can become an exhausting search that offers no resolution.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers a variety of assessment options, including:

  • A free, phone-based consultation, conducted by a licensed addiction counselor. Call 1-866-831-5700
  • In-person chemical use and mental health assessments to provide a diagnosis along with recommendations for next steps

Learn more about our program that supports families whose emotional, physical and spiritual health has been compromised by a loved one’s addiction.

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Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

Addiction changes everything about a young person. The way they think. How they feel. What they believe. Addiction affects judgment, emotions, and beliefs. That’s why youth and teen addiction treatment at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s residential and outpatient centers is holistic and personalized, providing care for the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Our services for adolescents and young adults, ages 12–25, include:
  • residential and outpatient addiction treatment
  • integrated care for trauma, anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring disorders
  • programs for family members, specifically parents and siblings
  • outpatient mental health services

Learn more about all of these services provided at our campus in Plymouth, Minnesota.

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Living in Recovery

Living in Recovery

Especially for young people newly clean and sober, staying connected with others in recovery is the healthiest move they can make. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers all kinds of formal and informal support, connecting young people and families with help and answers they can rely on, including:

  • Web-based recovery tools, coaching and support
  • Recovery support apps
  • Recovery support text messaging
  • Recovery coaching and monitoring
  • Online recovery social network
  • Alumni groups and activities
  • Daily inspirational emails
  • Recovery retreats
  • Books and e-books

Learn more about our programs that support your students for a lifetime.

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