Top Secret Project

If you've found this webpage, you've likely attended our traveling exhibit or participated in an educational session we call The Top Secret Project. This project stemmed from a desire to make our families safer, stronger and healthier. There is no manual for raising children but if we come together to share experiences and resources, we can be stronger because of it.  This web site was created to give you additional resources to help prevent, intervene or find the help your child needs from alcohol or drug addiction.

Get the word out to ALL communities. This was awesome.
--a law enforcement officer

I learned a TON about the drugs that are out there and what to look for. Great reminders about healthy relationship maintenance.
--a parent 

Mission Statement

The Top Secret Project is committed to helping adults uncover the mysteries in the lives of teens, providing tools and resources to foster safe environments, and encouraging ongoing dialogue.

Reporters looking for resources, quotes, or contact with authors, please email or call 1-651-213-4231.