Continuing Care for Teens and Young Adults

Support doesn't end when treatment is complete.

What makes the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation different and the best choice is that while others limit their focus to treatment, we focus more holistically on the treatment and recovery process. We take the long-term view by offering ongoing recovery management and support.

Recovery coach for parents (Plymouth, MN only)

Our help and support doesn't end when your child completes treatment. You will have a telephone point of contact for ongoing concerns and relapse assistance, with staff who know your child.

Twelve Step support

Twelve Step meetings are available at all of our sites, many of which are youth oriented.

Aftercare options

Aftercare treatment plans include extended care for treatment of mental health, individual therapy, education resources such as a therapeutic boarding school, halfway house or outpatient programs. We offer deep knowledge of the resources across the country to recommend the best fit for your child.

Ongoing contact

You and your family will be invited to reunions, alumni meetings, service opportunities, retreats, workshops and other special events.


The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Connection Program is an 18-month post-treatment program for those 18 and older. Through recovery coaching and support, Connection engages participants and their family or other concerned persons such as school counselors, employers, and probation officers to promote lifelong recovery.

Connection for Families

This program supports families whose emotional, physical, and spiritual health has been compromised by a loved one's addiction. This program offers guidance and support for the family when their loved one is not able to participate in the Connection program or if he or she is not yet ready to commit to treatment or recovery.

Online support

MORE (My Ongoing Recovery Experience) connects patients age 18 and older with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation during the critical first 18 months of recovery. The program is free to all patients and includes around-the-clock access to information, worksheets and support, plus access to a "recovery coach" and a discussion board with other alumni.

Text messaging

You and your child will be given access to text messages of support to help adjust to recovery and maintain sobriety. Think of this as a digital friend.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation social media site

You will have special access to social media at where you can seek advice, resources and support from other parents who have youth in recovery.

"My Sober Life" mobile application

This mobile application was created specifically for young people by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to engage those new to recovery in a full year of recovery support to help with life skills, peer support and spiritual focus needed to stay alcohol and drug free.

Recovery support material

Our patients and their parents are eligible to buy materials from our online bookstore at a substantial discount.

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol or other drugs?

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