Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Alcohol and drug rehab at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is built with evidence-based practices and individualized planning.

Addressing the Specialized Needs of Professionals

When your professional responsibilities affect the safety, well-being, or livelihood of others, addiction to alcohol or other drugs carries profound consequences. Our specialized inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs are designed to provide an optimal level of care for professionals who work in safety-sensitive or high-profile positions, such as:

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A plan built for you

Substance use disorders and mental health issues often occur in tandem, which can make diagnosis and assessment challenging. We recognize that every person's situation is different. Our addiction treatment specialists take into consideration physical and mental health, substance use, work history, family relationships, gender, and many other variables. Understanding these differences is important in developing the most-effective recommendations for your health and wellness.

Getting your whole picture

With compassionate care, expert understanding, and complete confidentiality, our multidisciplinary team works with you over the course of three to five days to evaluate your situation and determine a plan of action. Our approach is holistic and personalized. We look carefully at issues related to mind, body, and spirit, taking into account everything you need to make decisions about your well-being.

Our evaluation will provide you with the following:

  • A confidential, non-biased, and comprehensive assessment
  • Detailed and individualized recommendations for clinical care, if appropriate
  • Specialized addiction treatment programs available for health care, legal, and other licensed professionals; executives; LGBTQ individuals; those struggling with trauma; and more
  • An individualized plan to help you achieve healthier behaviors and lifestyle

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a multidisciplinary team will work with you to assess your situation and develop an individualized drug and alcohol rehab, recovery, and return-to-work plan. Our addiction experts consider multiple factors in designing a treatment plan to meet your specific needs, including:

  • physical and mental health
  • work history
  • family relationships
  • substances used
  • gender

What to Expect in Addiction Rehab

Our treatment approach is holistic and comprehensive, utilizing evidence-based practices, Twelve Step principles, and care for the mind, body, and spirit. Core treatment activities include individual counseling, small group therapy, and educational presentations about the disease of addiction to help you identify the causes and conditions that contribute to your drinking or other drug use. Programming for professionals also includes intensive workshops on trauma, relapse prevention, and co-dependency, along with a special focus on:

  • return-to-work readiness
  • career and reputation considerations
  • peer support
  • continuing care

Mental Health Care

More often than not, addiction involves related mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. We take an integrated approach to your care, addressing addiction and mental health issues at the same time. Your treatment team includes medical and mental health professionals who design your care plan with therapies, services, and resources to best meet your needs.

With You, Every Step

The changes you make in rehab are new ways of living that take patience and practice. Regaining and maintaining your health means learning to live differently—learning to manage a chronic disease. You will leave treatment with a personalized continuing care plan that spells out specific recommendations to support and strengthen your recovery, such as:

  • referrals for medical or psychological care
  • participation in mutual support groups
  • resources related to family and professional life

Our worldwide alumni network offers you and your loved ones a tremendous source of inspiration and support as well. We will connect you with alumni chapters and activities near your home.

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