Addiction Treatment for Health Care Professionals

Evidence-based alcohol and drug rehab at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation supports those in the health care field with a successful return to practice.

Alcohol and other drug addiction is a chronic, progressive disease—and physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals are not immune. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation specializes in helping health care professionals address substance use issues—and preserve your career.

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Understanding Your Situation as a Professional

The very strengths prized in health care professionals—problem solving, caretaking, perfectionism—can be stumbling blocks to addiction recovery. Workplace challenges complicate recovery, too, such as:

  • easy access to medications
  • irregular work hours
  • repeated emotional trauma
  • extensive knowledge about pharmaceuticals

At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a multidisciplinary team will work with you to understand your situation and determine your individualized addiction treatment. Our thorough substance abuse assessment process results in a comprehensive evaluation and provides you with:

  • detailed recommendations for clinical care, if appropriate
  • a back-to-work assessment with recommendations regarding fitness to practice
  • a summary for your employer, monitoring or licensing board, or other professional contacts, as needed
If addiction treatment is recommended, our clinicians will consider multiple factors in developing a care plan to meet your specific needs, including:
  • physical and mental health
  • work history
  • family relationships
  • substances used
  • gender

Addiction treatment at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is holistic and individualized, utilizing evidence-based practices and a Twelve Step approach. Core treatment activities include individual and group counseling, educational presentations, and weekly group sessions specifically for physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.

Our Health Care Professionals Program also features individual sessions with a physician-counselor or nurse-counselor to specifically address:

  • career restoration
  • professional practice and reputation
  • licensing or disciplinary matters
  • participation in monitoring programs
  • continuing care

Extra Focus When Needed

More often than not, addiction comes with complicating factors such as mental health issues related to depression, anxiety, or trauma. We take an integrated approach to your care, addressing addiction and mental health issues at the same time. Your treatment team includes medical and mental health professionals who design your care plan with whatever therapies, services, and medications are appropriate.

With You, Every Step

Regaining and maintaining your health means learning to live differently; learning to manage a chronic disease. At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, help and support won't stop when you complete treatment.

You will receive a personalized continuing care plan to support your recovery. Recommendations might include:

  • ongoing therapy
  • support groups
  • recovery services specifically for health care professionals

We might also recommend a stay at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center's Lodge Program in Center City, Minnesota. The program provides additional support to strengthen and reinforce recovery principles and practices prior to resuming your responsibilities at work, home, and in your community.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Programs for Health Care Professionals

Dr. Laura Moss, medical director of the nationally recognized health care professionals program at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's addiction treatment facility in Newberg, Oregon, describes how the specialized program helps addicted health care professionals recover and regain their lives.

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