Questions and Answers about Inpatient Treatment

What to know about inpatient treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation treatment locations.

How do I admit myself to inpatient treatment at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation?

The first step toward admission is to call our Admissions Department. Admissions counselors can complete a confidential phone assessment with you to help determine the appropriate level of care to meet your needs. 1-866-831-5700

Do I need a physician referral?

No, a physician referral is not required for admission.

What do I tell my employer?

Patients need to evaluate what, if any, information they will share with their employer. Federal law does not require you to provide details to your employer. However, state laws vary. Some employers offer a confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which can be extremely helpful in this regard. You should know there may be automatic employer notification for things such as filing a claim for state or private disability insurance. For example, if you reside in California and file for state disability (EDD), EDD will automatically notify your employer you have filed a claim in order to verify employment, wages, etc. Employers can require a note from your physician indicating your need to be off work and length of time, and documentation you are fit for duty prior to returning to work. You may want to apply for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Are the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation treatment centers co-occurrence facilities?

Dual diagnosis describes the co-morbid condition of a person considered to be suffering from a mental illness and a substance abuse problem. Determining dual diagnosis in substance abusers is difficult as drug abuse itself often induces psychiatric symptoms. It is necessary to distinguish between substance-induced and pre-existing mental illness. Drug abuse, including alcohol and prescription drugs, can induce symptomatology that resembles mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder and eating disorders. Frequently, anxiety and depression are induced by continuous alcohol/drug abuse which, in most cases, subsides with prolonged abstinence.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation treatment centers are dual diagnosis capable. It is common for patients to present with a diagnosis in addition to chemical dependency. Our staff include psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, and mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals with substance abuse and co-morbid conditions. If the secondary diagnosis cannot be stabilized and interferes with a patient’s progress toward treatment goals, the patient may be discharged to a treatment center that specializes in the identified dual diagnosis.

Will I get individual sessions with an addiction counselor?

The majority of the counseling is done in a group setting. Individual sessions occur regularly with your counselor and/or various members of the interdisciplinary treatment team, depending on your needs.

What do I pack for my stay at a Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation treatment facility?

Once you have scheduled an admission date with us, we will email or fax you a confirmation packet that contains information on what to bring and what to leave at home. When packing, please remember to bring a government-issued photo ID (such as a drivers license or passport) and, if you have health insurance, your insurance card.

Can I use my cell phone and laptop computer while in treatment?

Although patients may not use these devices while residing in our inpatient facilities, cell phones are allowed once they transfer to our Day Treatment program.

Can I smoke at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation treatment locations?

You may smoke during breaks in outside, designated areas only. If you would like to stop smoking while you are here, we offer a nicotine cessation program to assist you.

How long can my family stay with me when they drop me off for admission?

If friends and/or family accompany you to treatment, they are welcome (but not required) to stay for the initial paperwork process. This usually takes approximately 45 minutes.

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