Addiction Treatment for Attorneys, Judges and Other Legal Professionals

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is committed to your substance abuse rehab and your successful return to the practice of law.

For lawyers, alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-occurring mental health issues are practically an occupational hazard:

  • 21 percent of licensed attorneys are problem drinkers
  • 28 percent of lawyers struggle with depression
  • 40-70 percent of all disciplinary proceedings and malpractice actions involve substance abuse

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation specializes in helping legal professionals address addiction and co-occurring mental health issues–and return to practice. Getting help begins with a confidential phone consultation with an attorney-clinician who will gain an understanding of your particular situation.

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A treatment plan built for you

Substance use disorders and mental health issues are alarmingly prevalent among legal professionals—and assessment can be complex. We recognize that every person's situation is different. Our addiction treatment specialists take into consideration physical and mental health, substance use, work history, family relationships, gender, and many other variables. Understanding these differences is important in developing the most-effective recommendations for your health and career.

Getting your whole picture

With compassionate care, expert understanding, and complete confidentiality, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's multidisciplinary team works with you over the course of three to five days to evaluate your situation and determine a plan of action. Our approach is holistic and personalized. We look carefully at issues related to mind, body, and spirit and take all your needs into account. We supply you with the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your health and career. Our evaluation will provide you with the following:

  • A thorough assessment of your practice's current compatibility with a healthy lifestyle
  • Detailed and individualized recommendations for addiction treatment, if appropriate
  • An individualized plan to help you return to a high-functioning and healthy life
  • A summary for your employer, licensing board, or other professional contacts, as needed

Customized Care with Your Professional Needs in Mind

If the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Legal Professionals Program is recommended for you, an attorney-clinician will play a key role in initiating your recovery. Our addiction experts understand that the very strengths prized in legal professionals—problem solving, persuasiveness, and perfectionism—can be stumbling blocks to your recovery. Additionally, our clinicians will consider multiple factors in developing an addiction treatment plan to meet your specific needs, including:

  • physical and mental health
  • work history
  • family relationships
  • substances used
  • gender

Alcohol and drug rehab at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is holistic and individualized, utilizing evidence-based practices and a Twelve Step approach. Core treatment activities include:

  • individual and group counseling
  • educational presentations
  • weekly group sessions specifically for legal professionals

Our Legal Professionals Program also features individual sessions with an attorney-clinician to specifically address:

  • career restoration
  • professional practice and reputation
  • licensing or disciplinary matters
  • continuing care

Integrated Mental Health Care

Addiction often goes hand in hand with mental health issues related to depression, anxiety, or trauma. We take an integrated approach to rehab, addressing addiction and mental health issues at the same time. Our treatment teams include medical and mental health professionals who design your care plan with whatever therapies, services, and medications are appropriate.

Recovery That Lasts

Help and support won't stop when you complete substance use treatment. As you near discharge, an attorney-clinician will work with you on a career re-integration plan. At your discretion and as appropriate, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation will communicate with:

  • your referent
  • licensing agency
  • disciplinary board
  • employer
  • or state bar association

We will also connect you with your state Lawyer Assistance Program or a legal professional close to your home who is in recovery.

Additionally, you will receive a personalized continuing care plan to support your recovery. Recommendations might include:

  • ongoing therapy
  • support groups
  • recovery services specifically for legal professionals

We might also recommend a stay at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center's Lodge Program in Center City, Minnesota. The program provides additional support to strengthen and reinforce recovery principles and practices prior to resuming your responsibilities at work, home, and in your community.

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Addiction in the Legal Profession

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