LGBTQ Integrative Programming: Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment for LGBTQ-Identifying Patients

For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals, addiction can be especially complex.

Shame and rejection; depression, anxiety, and trauma; the internalization of cultural sex-negativity, and identity conflicts and confusion are some of the primary issues LGBTQ individuals may face as they work toward recovery from alcohol or other drug addictions. But with the right care and support, addiction can be treated and managed for life.

Research suggests that LGBTQ individuals benefit from uniquely tailored addiction treatment - treatment that is affirming and integrative.

What is LGBTQ-integrative treatment?

LGBTQ-integrative treatment equally accommodates heterosexual, cisgender and LGBTQ patients, emphasizing sensitivity for those in the early stages of “coming out” and in conflict about their identity.

Every component of treatment takes into account LGBTQ needs, using curriculum developed by Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation clinicians. Treatment acknowledges the trauma of living closeted, of family system rejection, and of antigay emotional and physical violence.

LGBTQ-integrative treatment is structured to focus on co-occurring disorders and trauma, addressing internalized homophobia and shame by creating an environment that supports healing in a setting that includes heterosexual people.  Patients experience the community support and validation imperative to successful recovery.

LGBTQ-integrative programming consists of:

  • A staff who are all trained in LGBTQ competency
  • Inclusive language across all services
  • LGBTQ process and assignment groups
  • Off-site LGBTQ support group meetings (such as Twelve Step meetings)
  • Specialized family and spirituality resources  and counseling
  • Sexual health education
  • An individualized treatment plan
  • Peer group activities
  • Local community bridging and service opportunities
  • LGBTQ-affirming referral network for on-going care

Betty Ford Center's LGBTQ inclusive treatment program

A recent Butler Center for Research study of patients treated at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, shows LGBTQ individuals benefit from uniquely tailored addiction treatment--treatment that is affirming and integrative. In this video you will learn more about the study findings and how Betty Ford Center's LGBTQ integrative program provides hope, healing and health in a safe, open and supportive environment.

Buster Ross talks about treatment in Newberg, OR

In this video Buster Ross, LGBTQ Program Director, talks about how Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation integrates culturally specific addiction treatment into the current Twelve Step facilitation model for self-identified lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender clients.

Addiction Treatment for the LGBTQ Population: Setting a New Standard

In this video Jeremiah Gardner interviews Buster Ross, LGBTQ Program Director about integrative addiction treatment for the LGBTQ population.

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