Mental Health Staff

On-Call Staff, Postdoctoral Residents and Doctoral Interns


On-Call Staff

Paul Novotny, PsyD, LP, LPCC (2012, Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas). On-Call Senior Clinician. Interests: cognitive and neuropsychological assessment, severe and persistent mental illness, clinical supervision, trauma, EMDR, clinical hypnosis, anxiety, and co-occurring disorders.

Rebecca Hainlen, PsyD (Minnesota School of Professional Psychology).  Mental Health Practitioner. Interests: co-occurring disorder assessment and treatment, implementing a strengths-based approach drawing from the principles of Motivational Interviewing, Twelve Step philosophy, cognitive theories, and a developmentally sensitive framework.

Postdoctoral Residents

Ann M. Schissel, PhD (University of Minnesota, Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research Program).  Interests: Treatments focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness for Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Assessment, and Developmental Influences on Psychopathology and Personality.

Sarah Beckmann, PhD (2009, Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota) Interests: disaster mental health; crisis intervention; grief, loss, and trauma; co-occurring disorders; mood and anxiety disorders; multicultural competency; dialectical behavior therapy.

Ryan Drzewiecki, PsyD (Clinical Psychology, Arizona School of Professional Psychology). Interests: co-occurring disorder assessment and treatment, strengths-based psychotherapy, teaching/training and supervision, mood and anxiety disorders, group therapy, and positive psychology.

Doctoral Interns

Jenny (Eileen) Hancock, MA, PsyD Candidate (2016, Arizona School of Professional Psychology). Interests: co-occurring disorders, grief and loss, mood and anxiety disorders, strengths based psychotherapy, and group treatment.

Samantha Lookatch, MA, PhD Candidate (2016, Clinical Psychology, University of Tennessee) Interests: substance abuse treatment efficacy; pregnancy and addiction; NAS; Improving neonatal outcomes; risk-reduction in hard to reach populations; measure creation and validation; schema, CBT and dynamic therapies.

Tatiana Turo, MS, PsyD Candidate (2016, Albizu University-Miami, FL Campus). Interests: Multiculturalism; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Interventions; crisis interventions; co-occurring disorders; supervision; psychological assessment.
Travis M. Slesinski, MA, PsyD Candidate (Clinical Psychology, University of Indianapolis). Interests: behavioral medicine, personality disorders, co-occurring disorders, and evolutionary psychology.


On-Call Staff

Alexandra L. Schade, Psy.D (California School of Professional Psychology). Mental Health Practitioner. Interests: Treatment of Co-occurring disorders, psychodynamic therapy, attachment theory, adolescent and young adult development, systems approach to treating substance use problems, Twelve Step facilitated psychotherapy, and neuropsychological/psychological assessment.

Postdoctoral Resident

Sean J. McGlew, Psy.D. (Clinical Psychology, Traumatic Stress Concentration, Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL). Interests: acceptance commitment therapy, structural family systems theory, assessment and treatment of co-occurring disorders, traumatic stress, art therapy, mindfulness practices, LGBTQ advocacy and population-specific intervention, understanding the intersection of identities, and approaching treatment through a multidimensional, ecological, process oriented approach.

Doctoral Interns

Aimee E. Chiligiris, MA, PsyD Candidate (Clinical Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology). Interests: Attachment theory, psychodynamic psychotherapy, integration of Twelve Step philosophies and psychotherapy, developmental theory, identity and emerging adulthood, early childhood experience, and addiction and the family system.

Nicole Steil, MS, PsyD Candidate (Clinical Psychology, Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology) Interests: Positive Psychology; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); childhood trauma and effects on development; parent-child interaction therapy; family systems; mindfulness techniques and stress management; co-occurring disorders; and multicultural competency.


Postdoctoral Residents

Travis Munnerlyn, PsyD is a clinical psychology graduate from Adler University (2015).  He specializes in treating people with addictions and trauma, particularly with LGBTQ populations.


Postdoctoral Residents

Cliff Buhl, PsyD Candidate (2015, Clinical Psychology, Minnesota School of Professional Psychology, Eagan, MN). Interests: Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders, Spirituality and Treatment, Person-Centered Therapy, Relational Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Neuropsychological Assessment.

Michael Tkach, Postdoctoral Resident. Interests: Treatment of co-occurring disorders, grief, identity development, severe and persistent mental illness, as well as the integration of spirituality and meaning-making approaches into therapy.  Working with psychodynamic, existential, integral, and strength-based therapeutic interventions and approaches.  (2015, Clinical Psychology, Minnesota School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University).