Chronic Pain Management and Addiction Treatment

At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, learn to effectively manage your chronic pain without the use of drugs.

Chronic Pain Management and Addiction

Addiction and chronic pain often go hand in hand, but treatment for the combined conditions can be problematic because traditional pain management often involves drug therapy. People with addiction need drug-free ways to address pain.

Retrain Your Brain

Addiction impacts your judgment, emotions, and beliefs. And when chronic pain is in the picture, areas of the brain responsible for staying calm, getting sleep, paying attention, and feeling motivated can also be affected. Our pioneering Pain Management Program is fully integrated into your drug rehab plan so you can reclaim your health in every respect—mind, body, and spirit.

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Healing Practices

Through a variety of experiences, exercises, and activities, you essentially "retrain" your brain to manage your pain without drugs. Our healing techniques include:

  • gentle movement exercises from the disciplines of tai chi, qigong, and yoga to help you refocus attention
  • physical therapy to help you gain strength, flexibility, and confidence
  • mindfulness exercises to help you calm your mind, control your thoughts, and gain a sense of presence

Lasting Relief

One year after completing the Integrated Pain Management and Addiction Treatment program at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, more than 73 percent of patients report being drug-free and pain-free.

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