Entering addiction treatment at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA

Here is some general information about being a patient.

What to Bring


Driver's license, passport or other government-issued photo identification.*If you do not have a valid/unexpired photo ID please bring a copy of a birth certificate or social security card.


Patients should bring their insurance card and a check for the deposit, if applicable, as previously discussed with their Financial Case Manager at the Betty Ford Center.

Admissions Obligation Agreement

Please fill out the Admissions Obligation Agreement form that was sent to you. This form needs to be filled out by all payers if the payer is someone other than the patient. The form may be returned via email to Admissions@hazeldenbettyford.org, faxed to 760-773-4126, or returned in person at the time of admission.


Please limit yourself to one large suitcase and one carry-on bag of clothing (bags exceeding 25 lbs. will be your responsibility to lift and transport). Laundry facilities, detergent, iron and ironing board are provided at no cost. All luggage/bags will be searched by staff.


Casual/comfortable clothing that can be layered, sleepwear, and shoes for everyday use. Workout attire for exercise, a swimsuit/cover-up and flip flops for around the pool are needed. Note: Please do not bring clothing with drug or alcohol logos, excessively tight fitting clothes and/or low cut/revealing items. Once a month, a special speaker hosts dinner. Please bring something business casual to wear to this event.


All toiletries must be alcohol free or low in alcohol. You may bring such items as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, mouth wash, body lotion, and sunscreen/sunglasses.

Notes: Perfume/cologne, aftershave, hair color, nail polish remover, nail glue and aerosol containers are prohibited. A limited supply of alcohol free products may be purchased in our bookstore.

Spending Money

Patients should bring no more than $200 cash (in small bills) initially. Credit cards are accepted in the on-campus bookstore. An ATM is located on campus in the Daniels Building near the bookstore. Patients in Day Treatment will have access to banks in the community.


An alarm clock (no clock radios), hairdryer, and iPods* are allowed in designated areas. No cell phones are allowed.

Note: Stereos, radios, iPod docks or any device with speakers are not allowed. Personal stereos (iPods and mp3 players) or listening devices with headphones are allowed provided they do not have cellular phone, wireless communication, and Internet access and/or camera capabilities. Items that have these functions are treated as cell phones and will be confiscated.

Tobacco Use

Smoking and chewing tobacco are only allowed in designated areas. Chewing tobacco and cigars are allowed provided they are from a recognized manufacturer. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco must be in sealed packages and are not sold here.

Note: Loose tobacco products including pipe tobacco, tobacco for rolling cigarettes by hand and snuff-tobacco that is administered nasally are prohibited.; Exotic cigarettes, such as those with cloves, are not allowed. Butane fuel lighters are not allowed. (BIC & lighters are acceptable). Electronic or E-cigarettes are not allowed. This facility offers a nicotine dependence program and encourages all nicotine dependent patients to participate.

Contact Information

You may want to reach out to individuals during your treatment stay. Please fill out the Contact Information form prior to coming. This form should be used to document information for individuals you would like to contact, or have staff contact on your behalf, during treatment. Examples of those you may want to include: family, friends, doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, attorneys, etc. This will allow you quick access to important information.

Chest X-Ray

If you have recently had a PPD skin test or chest x-ray to test for tuberculosis, please bring a copy if you would like to avoid a retest. California law requires all patients be screened for tuberculosis exposure.

Advance Directive

If you have an advance directive, please bring it with you.


Please bring an absentee ballot if you wish to vote while in treatment.


Valid driver license, copies of current insurance and current registration (if you bring your own car) are needed in order to apply for driving privileges at Day Treatment. Two-passenger vehicles are not allowed.


Please bring all prescribed medications in a bag that is easily accessible so the medical team may review them (you will need to have a 2-3 day supply). Your medications will be stored for you until discharge and new medications will be ordered; however, any addictive or mood-altering medications will be disposed of.

Authorized medications will be distributed through our contracted pharmacy. Payment of medications is not included in standard treatment rates. Please bring a copy of your pharmacy benefit/insurance card, as the pharmacy will submit a bill to the insurance company. A credit card is required for medication co-pays. Please note the pharmacy company is not able to bill all insurance plans, including but not limited to Kaiser, HealthNet, IEHP, and non-US based plans.

Note: Please do not bring vitamins, supplements or over the counter medications. However, bring a list of the supplements and over the counter medications that you are taking for the medical staff to review. Please include the dosage, strength and frequency.

Planning Your Trip
We request confirmation and travel details 24 hours prior to your admission date in order to hold your reservation.

We suggest purchasing an open-ended airline ticket that permits date changes in the event you decide to extend your stay. Palm Springs International airport is the closest airport to Betty Ford Center (approximately 10 miles).

Interstate 10 to Bob Hope exit (south), take Bob Hope Drive (6 miles), Eisenhower Medical Center will be on the left-hand side of Bob Hope Drive. Upon entering Eisenhower Medical Center campus you will find sign kiosks providing direction to Betty Ford Center. Follow signs to the security gate of Betty Ford Center.
During Admission

Upon arrival to the Betty Ford Center, the patient will check in at the receptionist desk. The patient will meet with the Admissions Coordinator who will collect the deposit, if applicable, as discussed with the Financial Case Manager, obtain a copy of the patient's driver's license and insurance cards and complete the administrative paperwork required. Patients are given copies of their paperwork once completed. The Nursing Staff is then called to meet with the patient and begin the nursing portion of the admission.

After Admission

During the first few days of treatment, patients are asked to provide written permission to include family members or significant others in the treatment process. This document is called an Authorization to Release Information. If a patient refuses to sign a release giving us permission to speak with an individual, then staff will be unable to provide any information about the patient, including confirming that the patient is here in treatment. We are bound by federal confidentially laws to abide by the patient's wishes regarding contact with friends and family.

Once a patient has signed the authorization form, family members are given a call within 72 hours of admission. This call is intended to gather information from the family member that would assist the treatment team in the patient's treatment. Patients may revoke the authorization form at any time.

Call 24 Hours


39000 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage,  CA  92270