Entering Sober Living or Outpatient Treatment at Hazelden in Chicago

Our mission is to be a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction. The team at our sober living house and outpatient treatment program in Chicago look forward to welcoming you and designing an individual treatment plan to support your lasting recovery. Together, we will overcome addiction.

What to Bring
For residents, please bring casual clothing (about a 5-7 days' supply) and tennis shoes to wear.

Hazelden's dress code prohibits wearing any halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or tops that reveal the midriff or cleavage, and requires that shorts be mid-thigh in length.

We recommend bringing between $150-200 of personal money.

Please bring your picture ID and your insurance card(s).

Please bring your alarm clock (if you have one).

You may bring personal literature to read along with paper, pens, and pencils for note taking.

Please do not bring any of the following items: sporting/exercise equipment, Television, iron, weapons, pornography, expensive jewelry, heating pads, electric blankets, or cameras.

Please do not bring any alcohol-based products onto campus. This includes hairspray, cologne, aftershave, facial astringent, nail polish remover and mouthwash. If brought, they may be retrieved and stored within a locked location and returned upon discharge, if appropriate.

Hazelden's treatment units are scent free. Please do not bring any products (including non-alcohol based) that are scented. If brought, we will store them in a locked location and returned to you upon discharge.

Laundry machines are available on-site. Please provide your own laundry soap, fabric softener, etc.

If on probation or parole out of state: please bring a copy of your travel permit and/or interstate compact.

Please bring your own nicotine products, as we do not sell them on campus. E-cigarettes are not allowed for use while in treatment.

Smoking is allowed in designated areas, however the use and possession of electronic cigarettes is prohibited.

If you are planning to use FMLA and/or Short-Term Disability while in treatment please contact your human resources department prior to admission to obtain the proper documents required by your employer. Please bring these forms with you at the time of admission, so we can best assist you in utilizing these important benefits.

Because of the private and confidential nature of our work in chemical dependency treatment, we are unable to allow wearable technology at this time. This includes smart watches and any Google Glass/Tech Wearables.
For residents, please bring a 30 day supply of your prescription medication(s) in the current prescription bottle(s). Please bring doctor contact information if refills are required/needed. There are pharmacies within 5 minutes of campus.

Any mood altering or controlled substances are not allowed upon admission, including prescriptions. If they are brought in, they may be destroyed.

Please do not bring any vitamins, dietary supplements, over the counter medications, herbal remedies, or energy drinks.

Please do not bring any medication, pills or supplements in baggies.

If diabetic, please bring in a month's worth of diabetic equipment and supplies. If additional supplies are needed after admission and the local pharmacy cannot provide them, we will ask you have them shipped from home. Your current medication(s) will be reviewed on admission. Some medications may be substituted for an equivalent based on pharmacy inventory. If this occurs and you have concerns, please notify medical staff.

Gastric Bypass clients that have specific nutritional supplement needs may bring these unopened containers for use pending pharmacy approval.
Planning Your Trip
Please schedule your travel accordingly to arrive at the Hazelden in Chicago campus by the following times:

Day treatment and morning intensive outpatient program - arrive by 8 a.m.

Evening intensive outpatient program - arrive by 5 p.m.

Structured Sober Living - schedule an appointment.
During Admission
If Admitting to Day Treatment & Structured Recovery Housing

Prior to your admission, fax a copy of your History & Physical completed in the past 12 months.

Prior to your admission, fax a copy of your Mantoux results completed (and cleared) in the past 30 days.

Prior to your admission, fax a list of currently prescribed medication(s).

Prior to your admission, fax a doctor's note indicating you are able to self-administer your own medication(s).

Bring one months' worth supply of your prescription medication(s) in the current prescription bottle(s).

Cell phones, computers and/or tablets are welcomed on campus but must be turned off during treatment groups. Wi-Fi is available with limited access for employment and communication purposes.

Please plan to attend all treatment activities on the scheduled days/times. If you have any concerns regarding the schedule speak with your counselor.

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