Entering Addiction Treatment in Naples, Florida

Learn about being a patient at Hazelden in Naples, what to bring and what to leave home during your stay.

Preparing to be a Patient

Our team of addiction treatment experts look forward to welcoming you to Hazelden in Naples and designing a treatment plan to meet your individual needs to support your lasting recovery. We are a site where you will be able to practice "real life recovery." When you reach certain goals, you'll be able to go to Twelve Step meetings in the community to assist you in preparation for this important part of ongoing addiction recovery when you leave the treatment setting. You will live in a condo with others and order your groceries twice a week. Please do not bring food other than snacks.

Daily schedules are highly structured with patients attending morning meditation, lectures and group, and participating in a variety of activities that could include:

  • one-to-one counseling time
  • special topic groups such as some gender specific groups
  • boomer and older adult topic groups
  • spirituality
  • opioid groups
  • Sunday afternoon outing, yoga and work out time

Hazelden in Naples provides you with a membership during your stay to the NCH Wellness Center, a state of the art facility. Several times a week there is an escorted trip to a local convenience store to pick up supplies. There are also group fellowship events on site such as Friday night cookouts as well as individual time to work on treatment assignments such as assigned readings or DVDs.

Evening schedules include speakers in recovery, alumni speakers, fellowship dinners, and evening meditation. Learning to have fun without using chemicals is an integral part of the addiction treatment process.

Due to federal confidentiality regulations, if someone calls the facility asking for you we can neither confirm nor deny your presence. Our response will be "If that person is here, he or she will receive a message to call you." We will pass that message on to you to call back when you have time. Please encourage people to call you directly on your cell phone.

Planning Your Trip


Most transportation needs are arranged by patients. We can assist applicants/patients with travel arrangements. We have several different companies that we typically use; however, patients may use transportation companies of their own choosing. We can facilitate the initial "getting to our facility" fare from Detox or Airport on one of our vendor accounts to make it a smooth transition here. We do bill the patient's account once they are admitted. We also use one of our transportation vendors for all group outings that we arrange like going to the beach, movies, or Equine therapy. The transportation fare is divided equally between the attendee's and billed to their account. All other transportation needs are done by the patients themselves and paid for by them, not billed to our vendors.

Airport Fort Myers, FL (RSW) to Hazelden in Naples

Transportation fees average $65.00-85.00
42 min (33.1 mi)
via I-75 S


  • Southwest Florida International Airport to Hazelden in Naples
  • Head northeast on Terminal Access Rd toward Lower Level - 469 ft
  • Continue straight to stay on Terminal Access Rd - 1.0 mi
  • Keep right to stay on Terminal Access Rd - 2.2 mi
  • Take the ramp on the left to I-75 S - 1.6 mi
  • Keep left and merge onto I-75 S - 1.3 mi
  • Merge onto I-75 S - 21.3 mi
  • Take exit 105 for County Rd 886/Golden Gate Pkwy toward Golden Gate/Naples - 0.5 mi
  • Turn right onto County Rd 886/Golden Gate Pkwy - 3.5 mi
  • Turn left onto Goodlette-Frank Rd - 1.3 mi
  • Turn right onto 5th Ave N - 0.2 mi
  • Turn right toward 6th Ave N - 400 ft
  • Turn left onto 6th Ave N, Destination will be on the left - 325 ft
  • 950 6th Ave N, Naples, FL 34102
What to Bring/Not Bring

Items to Bring

  • Please bring a 30 day supply of current prescribed medications in appropriate bottle. (Mood altering/controlled substances will be destroyed.) Current prescriptions will be evaluated by medical staff upon arrival.
  • If diabetic: please bring 6 weeks of diabetic equipment and supplies.
  • Bring photo ID and your insurance cards. If you have a separate RX card, bring that also.
  • Please bring an alarm clock or plan to use your phone.
  • Bring a cell phone along with your charger.
  • You may bring personal literature to read, along with paper, pens, and pencils for note taking. You may bring an iPad, Kindle, or Nook for reading. Computers are available on-site for patient use.
  • Backpacks or tote bags are encouraged to carry personal items around campus.
  • Personal money needs: $150-200. We do not have an ATM on campus, but they are available locally. We encourage you not to bring valuables. A small safe is provided for each patient.
  • On Monday, Wednesday and Saturday you will have the opportunity to be escorted to the local 7-11 to pick up any items of a personal nature you may need. Please bring appropriate funds to cover these.
  • Casual clothing (about a 5-7 days’ supply), rain gear and tennis shoes to wear. Also bring a bathing suit and exercise clothes if you plan to use the local exercise and pool facility.
  • Toiletry items

Items Not to Bring

  • TV, DVD players, iron, pornography, expensive jewelry, or camera. Computers with internet access are available on site for patient use. We discourage bringing your own computers but if you do, it is at your own risk.
  • Do not bring any alcohol based products including: mouthwash, cologne, aftershave, or perfume.
  • No vitamins, no dietary supplements, no over-the-counter medications, no herbal remedies and no energy drinks are permitted. A multi-vitamin is provided if desired, along with over-the-counter aspirin or tums if needed.
  • The possession of weapons anywhere on site is prohibited. This includes vehicles.
  • There is a nicotine use area onsite for residential patients only. There are no nicotine products for sale on site. The use and possession of electronic cigarettes is prohibited.
  • All applicants will receive a urine drug screen upon admission and randomly thereafter.
  • Sporting/exercise equipment.
  • Hazelden’s dress code is casual and comfortable, but should not be revealing or provocative. No clothing or items should reference drugs or alcohol or anything potentially offensive to someone.
  • Because of the private and confidential nature of our work in alcohol and drug treatment, we are unable to allow wearable technology at this time. This includes smart watches and any Google Glass/Tech wearables.
  • Laundry machines and soap are in each condo unit. Laundry supplies are provided so no need to bring your own.
  • Any mood altering or controlled substances are not allowed upon admission, including prescriptions.

Call 24 Hours


Sunday - Saturday

950 6th Avenue North
Naples,  FL  34102