Youth & Young Adult Addiction Treatment Videos in Plymouth, MN

Watch the videos below to hear stories and learn more about the youth, teen, and young adult addiction treatment and recovery services at Hazelden in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Tour the Young Adult Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center at Hazelden in Plymouth, MN

Take a tour and learn why, when you are considering an addiction treatment program for your youth son or daughter ages 12 to 25, you should consider Hazelden in Plymouth. We're committed to supporting you and your child beyond treatment. Our unique Lasting Recovery Model provides on-going recovery support to help during the long journey to lasting recovery from addiction.

Support for Parents of Teens and Young Adults in Addiction Treatment

Learn how Hazelden's Adolescent and Young Adult Program in Plymouth, Minnesota provides world-class addiction treatment for young people, but it also hear from parents and the support they receive during their child's addiction treatment experience. Parents and caregivers learn about alcohol and drug addiction and its effects on the entire family. Through lectures, videos, small group discussions and support from other parents in similar situations, parents gain the knowledge and skills to support their son or daughter in the process of recovery from addiction.

Advice for Parents on Addiction

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has created a 60 minute video that gives parents access to critical information about substance abuse prevention, intervention, and addiction treatment.

Parents will learn the essential role they play in keeping their kids drug free, how to encourage an open dialogue and the importance of modeling healthy, and appropriate attitudes and behaviors for kids. You will also learn about the risk factors for addiction and the truth behind the myths, misconceptions, and misinformation about adolescent drug use.

Staff at Hazelden in Plymouth, MN Express Gratitude to Donors

In this heartwarming video, Hazelden staff describe to donors how much the expanded youth addiction treatment capabilities at the Plymouth, MN facility mean to patients and staff.

Impact of Addiction on a Family

Watch one family's story about the impact that substance abuse had on their young son and the value of having quality youth & teen addiction treatment and recovery services. It not only saved his life, but brought hope, health and healing to the entire family.

Stories of Addiction Recovery - Part 1

Dr. Andrew Mendenhall interviews Ben and Andrew, two young men who share their stories of addiction, treatment, and subsequent recovery. Learn how surrendering is vital to finding freedom from alcohol and other drugs and regain hope for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Stories of Addiction Recovery - Part 2

Dr. Andrew Mendenhall continues the interview with Ben and Andrew as they describe how early experimentation turned to addiction and the impact drug and alcohol addiction had on their lives. They share their experience with medication-assisted treatment and early recovery and, more importantly, how living in recovery has made them appreciate all that they have regained that was once lost to addiction.

Medication-assisted Treatment

Dr. Marv Seppala, Chief Medical Officer of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, speaks about the use of medication-assisted treatment to help combat the nation's opioid epidemic of prescription painkiller addiction.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Stories

The death toll from prescription painkiller overdose across the U.S. has increased more than five times in the past decade (from 3,000 deaths in 1999 to 15,500 in 2009), prompting the Centers for Disease Control to define the problem as an epidemic. Hear stories and learn more about opioid addiction in youth, and medication-assisted treatment programs and services at the Hazelden in Plymouth location.

Teen Addiction Treatment Stories

In this video, alumni discuss their initial thoughts before going to teen addiction treatment and how their lives have changed at the youth and young adult addiction recovery program at Hazelden in Plymouth.

Mark Sheets on Youth and Young Adult Addiction Services

Hazelden’s Adolescent and Young Adult Program in Plymouth, MN offers residential and outpatient addiction services. As a certified addiction and mental health facility, we’re uniquely equipped to treat complex patients. With support services and programs for both young people and their families along with proven treatment methods, we’re the best chance of lifelong recovery from addiction.

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