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Frequently Asked Questions

Cell Phone
Clients may have a cell phone and use it freely when not at meals or in programming. Clients are encouraged to delete using contacts from their phone. Clients may not use cameras on our campus in order to protect the confidentiality of their peers.
Public Transportation
Clients have a weekly bus tour of local sites until they obtain employment. The staff guiding this tour also assists new clients in the use of the bus system. The website for our local transit system is Bus cards can be purchased through that website.
Some clients have a vehicle to use while living with us. Most use the bus, which is a very viable means of transportation. If a client wishes to have a car, they will be able to begin using it when it is cleared by their counselor, and after they have provided proof of a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. There is ample parking on our campus.
Many clients choose to have a bicycle while here. We have an outdoor rack for clients to use. Clients must provide their own bike lock. Clients cannot store bicycles in their rooms or our building.
Clients benefit from having a laptop in their job search. There are a few shared computers on our campus, but they are shared among many people so access is somewhat limited. We have Wi-Fi access on our campus. Laptop use may be restricted if clients access materials that are harmful to themselves or others.
Each resident has a drawer in their wardrobe that can be locked if they choose to purchase their own lock. Staff reserves the right to cut off the lock if there is concern there may be something harmful in the drawer.
Hazelden provides towels and bed linens. All linen is to be exchanged on Wednesday mornings. It is the resident's responsibility to change their linens weekly. Residents may bring their own linen and pillows if they wish. Residents must supply their own bath and laundry soap. Laundry machines are coin-operated. There is a change machine near the laundry room. A vending machine for laundry soap is located in the laundry room.
At the time of admission clients are expected to surrender any and all medications in their possession. In most cases, their medications will be transported from the treatment program or Hazelden unit that referred the client to us. Clients may only use medications that have been ordered by a health care professional and are found on our drug formulary (not all medications are deemed appropriate for people in recovery from addiction). Only over the counter medications that are approved by Hazelden can be purchased and used by clients. Client medications are self-administered under supervision of staff and guidelines. Clients are responsible for obtaining their own medication refills. We have no medical staff on sight, but our staff is first aid and CPR certified. We can point out nearby medical facilities should clients require medical care while living here. For that reason, clients should bring their health insurance cards with them.
We encourage all our clients to work towards finding or maintaining tobacco recovery. Because our clients are not always on our campus due to this level of care (AA/NA meeting attendance, employment, etc.), we are unable to monitor or restrict the use of tobacco when not in our buildings. Clients may not use tobacco products in our building.
Until clients obtain employment, they will require spending money for laundry, hygiene products, bus fair, recreational activities, etc. Generally, no more than $50.00/week is sufficient until they receive their first paycheck. At that point, we urge you to send no further spending money to your loved one. Clients take part in a money and time management group to improve the use of those resources. Staff does not monitor client spending or funds. Clients who live here may cash a check by obtaining a voucher from us they can take to a local bank two blocks away.
Drug Screening
Clients will receive random UAs periodically. We will also search client belongings randomly and/or for cause to protect client safety. Clients may receive a UA if there is reason to be concerned about use. UAs are an additional cost.

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