Entering our Sober Living facility in New York City

Our team of addiction treatment experts look forward to welcoming you to Hazelden and designing a treatment plan to meet your individual needs to support your lasting recovery.

General Information
Due to federal confidentiality regulations, if someone calls the facility asking for a patient we can neither confirm nor deny the patient's presence. Our response will be "If that person is here, he or she will receive a message to call you." The patient will receive the message and can call back in the evening during their free time. They may call out either call collect or use a pre-paid calling card.

We reserve the right to discharge residents at any time if they are not complying with our expectations. For example, any drug/alcohol use, violence or threats of violence toward staff or peers, or sexual relations with anyone in the facility will not be tolerated.

Hazelden is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken personal items.
Q & A
What is the difference between a sober house and the Tribeca Twelve Residence?
At Tribeca Twelve, we offer support services by licensed counselors with 24/7 access to on-site staff.  Many sober houses or dorms promote a policy of drug and alcohol free living but they don't have the support in place to enrich recovery. Tribeca Twelve provides young adults 18 to 29 in recovery from addiction an independent sober living environment with fully integrated support services, recovery coaching, and access to many recreational activities and special events.

Is Tribeca Twelve an addiction treatment program?

Tribeca Twelve is not a treatment program. Residents must be clean and sober and agree to undergo periodic drug testing and evaluation. The program is open to young adults, during and after treatment, and is designed to promote independent living in a supported environment. The goal is to build strong recovery skills around self, family and community and to take those skills and knowledge into life after graduation.

How do I apply?
Simply give us a call at 1-212-226-1114 or 1-866-831-5700 to get more information or to schedule an assessment and see if Tribeca Twelve is right for you.

What is not included in the program fees?
The purchase of food, medications, non-routine drug testing, professional treatment services, and special services (e.g., meetings with off-site treatment providers).

Is there a minimum stay requirement?
A minimum stay of one month is required.

What is the refund policy if the resident elects to leave the program for any reason?
Hazelden's Tribeca Twelve bills on a daily basis so if a resident elects to leave the program for any reason, all days not spent in Tribeca Twelve will be refunded.

Are any of the services eligible for payment by health insurance?
The recovery support in the residence program is not eligible for insurance payment. Professional treatment and continuing care services may be reimbursed by commercial insurance. Hazelden is insurance friendly and will work with residents to determine the availability of commercial insurance to pay for professional services provided by Hazelden. For those residents obtaining professional treatment services elsewhere, residents should consult with their own treatment providers for more information.

What are residents responsible to bring?
Residents are responsible to bring bed linens (extra long twin bed sheets and comforter), towels and washcloths, personal items (e.g., shampoo, toothpaste), laptop computers if desired, medication and other personal items. Residents are encouraged not to bring luggage for storage on-site.

What is the staffing?
There are full-time, professionally trained staff on-site and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How many residents per floor?

The floors are gender specific with up to six residents per floor. Each resident will share a bedroom and full bathroom with 1-3 other residents depending on semi-private or shared room arrangements.

What are the sleeping and storage accommodations?

Each bedroom has custom built platform beds with storage for personal items and individual lights and power outlets for electronic devices. Each resident has separate closet storage and a personal safe for storage of valuables.

Are residents allowed to smoke?
There is no smoking allowed in the apartments or in front of the building. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. The use and/or possession of electronic cigarettes is prohibited.

Is the building secure?
Access to the building and each floor is controlled by electronic key card access. Hazelden is able to remotely program key card access and track each resident's entry to the building. There are security cameras located at the entrance to the building, on each floor and in other key locations. NYPD Precinct 1 is located one block away and, due to the proximity to the building, there is a high police presence.

How will family and friends stay connected?
Tribeca Twelve residents will identify their key support system of family and friends with their recovery coach. Once those are identified, updates on the resident's progress, activities, successes and other information will happen in partnership with the resident and recovery coach either in-person or by telephone on a scheduled basis. Releases of information must be signed by the resident to discuss any confidential information with their friends and family.

Are residents required to obtain treatment from Hazelden?

Residents are not required to obtain treatment from Hazelden. If residents elect to obtain treatment from other providers, Hazelden will work to provide appropriate referrals and provide information about Hazelden's recovery philosophy to the resident's treatment providers (including health care providers) to ensure the best alignment with the goals of maintaining sobriety.

How will the program work with the resident's treatment provider?
With written permission, Hazelden will work with the resident's treatment providers to coordinate recovery care planning based on treatment goals and to provide regular communications on activities and successes along with results of drug testing and other information.

What happens if the resident relapses?
Hazelden will evaluate the circumstances on a case-by-case basis to determine the most appropriate course of action. Actions can range from discharge from the program and referral to a higher level of care, increased drug test monitoring and revisions to the recovery plan of care, among other actions. If relapse occurs, the goal is prompt identification and intervention to restore sobriety. If the resident is discharged a refund will be given for days not spent at Tribeca Twelve.

What are the visiting policies?
Hazelden does not allow visitors, with the exception of immediate family members, in the units unless expressly authorized by staff. No overnight guests are allowed.

Is any transportation provided?
No transportation services are included. The residence is located next to subway and bus lines. The A, C and E subway lines are located next door and the N, R, Q, W, 6,  J and M lines are located within two blocks. Parking is available in local garages.

What shopping and services are located nearby?

Fed Ex and Kinko's are located next door with a hardware store and grocery store within one block. The building is within a short walking distance to coffee shops, movie theaters, the Tribeca Film Festival, Hudson River Park and Battery City Park, bookstores, banks, and health clubs including Planet Fitness.
What to Bring
The list of items below helps residents prepare for their stay. We also advise residents to consult weather forecasts for New York (zip code 10013) to bring appropriate seasonal clothing.

We recommend that you bring only the things that you cannot live without, as your room will fill up quickly. Keep in mind that you will have a roommate(s) and will need to share your space accordingly. Also, remember that you can always purchase additional items or have them sent to you after you move in. No items that interfere with fire safety equipment and laws are permitted in the residence. There is no space for storage of suitcases.

Here is a list of suggested items to bring:

Towels (hand, washcloth, body)
Soap (face and body)
Toilet paper (shared expense with roommates)
Bathmat (optional)
Toothbrush and soap holders
Toiletry bag or tote for personal items

Pop-up hamper or mesh bag
Dryer sheets

Extra-long twin bed sheets, fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases
Throw (optional)

Hair dryer
iPod/DVD player
Games (flat-screen TV/DVD and Wii game console provided in each unit; only authorized games allowed)
Cell phone (Note: Individual charging stations for electronic devices are provided for each resident and wireless internet service is available. Each unit has a separate landline phone.)

Seasonal clothing and footwear
Clothes hangers  (Note: Closet space is assigned to each resident for hanging and flat storage, in addition to under-bed drawer space.)

Yoga mat (optional)
Alarm clock

Kitchen supplies
Paper towels (shared expense with roommates)
Dish and hand soap (shared expense with roommates)
Personal groceries (food, spices, condiments, etc.)


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