Addiction Counselor Testimonial Videos

Our counselors are wildly passionate about their jobs. Some love the culture while others celebrate their patients. As you listen to their stories, we encourage you to think on the following question: What would you love about working here?
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Meet Manuel Garcia, Supervisor of Outpatient Programming in St. Paul, Minnesota

Learn why becoming an addiction counselor is a dream come true for Manuel--his journey began when he left his home in Mexico to advance his education at the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies to help more people struggling with the disease of addiction.

Meet Vanessa Lowrey, Supervisor of Outpatient Programming in Chicago, Illinois

Listen in as Vanessa talks about the tremendous honor and importance of treating the whole person--body, mind and spirit. She also shares what it means to her to be part of an organization that leads the way in addiction treatment.

Meet Katy Larson, Addiction Counselor in Center City, Minnesota

Hear from Katy what doing meaningful work means to her—doing something that improves the world, betters the community we live in and humanity as a whole.

Meet Sarita McGowan, Addiction Counselor in Rancho Mirage, California

Listen in as Sarita shares what it means to her to work with a team that helps to change and save lives each day.