Welcome to your Alumni Association

Our alumni association is the lifeblood of this community, providing outreach, mentorship and career opportunities to students and fellow alumni. Learn how we can join efforts and support one another in the page to follow.
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The alumni association of the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School is committed to cultivating a lifelong relationship between the school and our alumni, fostering camaraderie among certificate, graduate and training program student alumni. The association supports the mission of the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School and, in doing so, affords all alumni opportunities for continued professional development, networking and scholarship. The association sponsors reunions, events and mentoring opportunities.


The alumni association works collaboratively with school leadership and faculty to advance the Graduate School's mission and vision by:

  • Serving as school ambassadors to the field of addiction treatment and recovery as well as the larger community
  • Supporting alumni development through mentorship, employment and career advancement opportunities
  • Promoting lifelong learning and continuing education as a function of alumni professional development

Membership is open to all school graduates including graduates from previous iterations of the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School, regardless of program major or rank of credential awarded.

  • Promote alumni professional development, lifelong learning and career advancement
  • Recommend an annual plan of events and activities to the faculty and Student Affairs Committee
  • Request budget expenditures on an annual basis, informed by the association’s annual plan
  • Ensure an operational/leadership structure to sustain organizational effectiveness
  • Steward allocated resources

The alumni association sponsors quarterly continuing education events in the Twin Cities, promoting and sustaining alumni loyalty to the Graduate School.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School is committed to our students' ongoing development even after they complete our programs.

Our graduates enjoy access to continuing education units available for free at Hazelden Betty Ford locations. Multiple events are planned each quarter which allows our graduates the opportunity to acquire needed units for continued licensure.

The Alumni Referral Scholarship allows new students referred by Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School alumni to receive a first semester scholarship in the amount of $500. When an alumnus refers an applicant to the Graduate School, the applicant has the option to indicate the alumni referral on the online application. The Admissions Office will contact the alumnus to clarify the professional relationship.

Alumni who refer new students to the Graduate School will be eligible for a $500 discount off Professional Development courses with us after the new student completes a first semester and earns grades. This discount will be available for one year after the referred student completes a first semester of enrollment. Alumni are eligible for up to $2000 in discounts. Hazelden Betty Ford benefit-eligible employees cannot qualify for a $500 discount off Professional Development courses.

To learn more about your Graduate School alumni benefits, contact us by email at GraduateSchool@HazeldenBettyFord.edu or call 1-651-213-4175.