On-Site Residencies

A good education must, at some point, remove itself from the classroom. Which is why internships and residencies are highly sought after and coveted. Read on to learn about the Grad School’s residency opportunities.
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The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School is committed to excellence in our training of addiction counselors. As such, we have designed the online program to incorporate two on-site residencies to take place in Center City, Minnesota, where the Graduate School is located. Occurring during the beginning and middle of the program, the residencies will combine classroom instruction and interactive learning with opportunities to get to know members of the learning cohort, faculty and staff. Together, students will build a community of learning that will enrich their online studies and further equip them in their professional endeavors.

On-campus residencies will be integrated into the course requirements for the following courses:

  • COUN 606 Counseling Procedures and Skills (4 day residency)
  • COUN 708 Group Counseling (4 day residency)

Active participation in an on-site residency is required for the successful completion of this course. A typical day in a residency runs from 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Central Time with an earlier end time on Friday to accommodate travel. Evening activities are not scheduled by the Graduate School, but students are encouraged to be free of outside commitments in order to give the residency their focused attention and be available for student-initiated group work or social activities.

Each student is responsible to cover expenses associated with attendance at the residency, including, but not limited to, travel, transportation, housing, and meals. Students will be charged a $100 fee for each of the residencies. See the tuition and fee schedule for more details.

Residency Schedule (subject to change):


Residency I
(when enrolled in COUN 606)
Counseling Procedures and Skills

Residency II
(when enrolled in COUN 708)
Group Counseling
Summer 2024 Jun 11-14 Jun 11-14
Fall 2024 Oct 8-11 Oct 8-11
Winter 2025 Feb 18-21 Feb 18-21
Summer 2025 Jun 24-27 Jun 24-27
Fall 2025 Oct 21-24 Oct 21-24