Get Certified in Integrated Clinical Supervision

Fine-tune your experience as a clinical supervisor with a certificate designed to jumpstart your career.

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Prove You Can Lead with Our Clinical Supervision Certificate

Our Integrated Clinical Supervision Certificate is specifically designed to help addiction and counseling professionals who want to move forward in their career and into managerial and supervisory positions, where they can direct, educate and inspire their colleagues to provide unmatched care and counseling.

How Does This Certificate Help?

Students who enroll in our Integrated Clinical Supervision Certificate will learn the skills required of a clinical supervisor, which are completely different from those required in counseling or administration. You will learn how to foster positive supervisor-supervisee relationships that put patients' needs front and center.

Your training goes above and beyond basic clinical supervision preparation, as you receive extensive training on medications for advanced treatment and counseling, advanced motivational interviewing, co-occurring disorders in children and adolescents, and more.

What Is an Integrated Clinical Supervisor?

Integrated care is comprehensive and attends to the mental, physical and spiritual health of patients while addressing the underlying disease of addiction. 

Integrated clinical supervisors:

  • Support their staff and encourage development, learning and growth
  • Provide clinical guidance and case consultation to address each patient's unique treatment needs and opportunities 
  • Collaborate across systems of care to facilitate a multifaceted, many-faced approach to the disease of addiction
  • Monitor their clinical environments and implement evidence-based best practices
  • Promote and operationalize a patient-first, person-centered system of care

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Program | Integrated Clinical Supervision Certificate

Total Credits |  15 (optional 6 extra credits for 21 total)

Duration | Must be completed within three years

Enrollment | Online or in person in Center City, Minnesota    


  • 2024: $829/credit
  • 2023 Fees:
    • Technology Fee: $70 per semester
    • Estimated Books and Supplies: Depends upon course registration

*For graduates of any Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School program, the Integrated Clinical Supervision Certificate is discounted by 50 percent. 

Foundations (all required, 6 credits)

  • COUN-510 Clinical Supervision – 3 credits (Pre-requisite: Completed supervised counseling internship or LADC licensure or equivalent)
  • COUN-522 Applied Clinical Supervision – 3 credits (Pre-requisite: IR-510)

Advanced Evidence-Based Practice Coursework (choose 2, 6 credits)

  • COUN-810 Evidence-Based Practice – 3 credits
  • COUN-513 Advanced Motivational Interviewing – 3 credits
  • COUN-514 Advanced Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – 3 credits
  • COUN-515 Advanced Twelve Step Facilitation – 3 credits
  • COUN-512 Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) and Counseling – 3 credits

Electives (choose 1, 3 credits) 

  • COUN-509 Behavioral Addiction – 3 credits
  • COUN-511 Human Sexuality – 3 credits
  • COUN-517 Eating Disorders – 3 credits
  • COUN-519 Grief, Loss, and Death – 3 credits
  • COUN-516 Co-Occurring Disorders in Children and Adolescents – 3 credits
  • COUN-706 Crisis and Trauma – 3 credits

  • Official transcript to verify bachelor's or master's degree in human services field. If you do not have a master's degree, you must demonstrate two years of relevant, full-time supervised work experience.
  • One letter of reference from someone who has supervised you clinically is required.
  • Essay:
    • Describe why you are applying for this program.
    • Identify your strengths as a clinician and describe how these strengths translate into good supervision skills.
    • Tell us about a time when you received good supervision that helped you to provide better care to a patient.