Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Minnesota

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How At-Risk Are You?

Wondering how problematic your drug or alcohol use is becoming? Here’s a brief self-assessment you can take to get a better sense of your situation.

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Accepted Health Insurance

Do you have questions about insurance coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment? Our experienced staff is ready to help. We work with all types of insurance plans and will guide you in accessing the maximum benefits available.

Accepted Health Insurance

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Tour our pioneering treatment center campus with James and Kim, who will take you inside our beautiful facilities and show what a typical day in our Minnesota rehab is like.

Hazelden Betty Ford in Center City, MN

Treatment Programs


Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Substance use disorders are complex, and the most-effective care—whether outpatient or residential treatment—requires a comprehensive approach. Our care teams incorporate treatment for all aspects of substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions, so you receive comprehensive and personalized care to address all of the challenges you are experiencing.

Unlike most other inpatient addiction treatment centers, Hazelden Betty Ford has medical staff, psychiatrists, counselors and therapists on site, providing you with continuous care and addressing challenges and concerns as they arise.

One year after treatment, 74 percent of our patients report being sober

How do I know if I even need treatment?

If you're asking yourself this question, chances are you're experiencing some negative consequences from your substance use. Like relationship issues. Or an accident. Or medical complications? These are just a few signs that your alcohol or drug use could be affecting your functioning and that you could benefit from outpatient or inpatient treatment.

Hazelden Betty Ford care navigators are here for you—to assess your situation, discuss the types of care and support available, and help you determine the next steps for admission.

What happens at drug and alcohol detox centers?

Withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drugs can feel complicated and unpredictable. At Hazelden Betty Ford, detox is medically managed and monitored to ease withdrawal symptoms and relieve cravings. This ensures a safe and comfortable withdrawal process so you're in a better place physically and emotionally to begin inpatient alcohol rehab or inpatient drug treatment. We offer drug and alcohol detox services for patients aged 18 and older at our Center City location. 

Does telehealth or virtual care work for addiction treatment?

Online healthcare technologies have opened the door to addiction and mental health treatment for more people than ever. For many Hazelden Betty Ford patients, virtual care options have improved participation rates because attendance is more convenient.

Online counseling sessions can be an ideal alternative if you have accessibility or mobility challenges or if you're not located near our Center City, Minnesota campus. Our virtual addiction treatment programs are built with the same evidence-based interventions as our in-person rehab programs.

Individual and Group Therapy

Mental Health Services

Stress. Grief. Trauma. Coping with life’s adversities can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts, our therapists are here for you.

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Integrated Care for Co-occurring Disorders

Substance use issues are typically accompanied by other mental health conditions. The mix and complexity of symptoms can make diagnosis and treatment challenging. For example, the symptoms of depression can become more severe with drinking or other drug use. Likewise, substance use issues can intensify as symptoms of depression worsen.

Hazelden Betty Ford clinicians specialize in dual diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring disorders. Mental health care is fully integrated into your individualized treatment plan and is provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and addiction counselors who have expertise in treating co-occurring disorders.

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Substance use issues are typically accompanied by other mental health conditions. The mix and complexity of symptoms can make diagnosis and treatment challenging.

Mental health services at Hazelden Betty Ford are available to individuals 12 years of age and older on an outpatient basis.

Our licensed mental health team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors. We provide the following mental health services:

  • Screenings and assessments
  • Individual therapy and counseling
  • Special-focus group therapy
  • Medication coordination

In-Person and Virtual Services

Help and Support for Families

Addiction touches the whole family. So we do, too. Our family and children's programs, support groups, coaching services and workshops help your whole family heal and grow—together.

Many of our family programs are free and available virtually so you can access support from anywhere in Minnesota.


  • Family services orientation - virtual
  • In-person family workshop
  • Children's program (ages 7-12) – In-person and virtual
  • Phone or web-based family coaching
  • Virtual family support groups
  • Virtual series on healthy relationships
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Visiting with Your Loved One

The privacy and safety of patients is paramount. Here's what you need to know about visiting campus and communicating with your loved one.

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