Getting Involved in Your Alumni Program

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Whether you came to us for addiction treatment or recovery support, participated in a retreat at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center, attended one of our speaker series events, or took part in our Family Program, you are a member of our amazing Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation alumni family.

Connecting with others in recovery from addiction is one of the healthiest moves you can make to thrive in your new life of recovery. We have a wide variety of alumni activities so you can choose what’s right for you and best supports your ongoing recovery, including:

  • Alumni events and reunions
  • Recovery retreats and workshops
  • Recovery speaker series
  • Regional alumni chapter meetings
  • Continuing care groups
  • Recovery coaching
  • Mobile apps
  • Online alumni and family meetings at
  • Recovery podcasts
  • Books and more

Staying Connected

We are dedicated to supporting you by providing opportunities for fellowship, service, and ongoing recovery support.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news and events, stay in touch with us. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or get our ongoing alumni program and recovery emails. Use this form to sign up for our monthly Living in Recovery emails or to make sure we have your current email address.

If you have questions or need to connect with our alumni relations team directly, please contact us at  

Alumni Program

Benefits and Discounts

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation alumni receive special savings on activities and resources designed to inform and inspire your recovery journey. Mention or use Promo Code: HOPE20 to access the following benefits:

  • Save 20% when you participate in the Renewal Center Twelve Step Recovery Program and Weekend Retreats.
  • Save on recovery resources:
    • Save 20% on Hazelden-published consumer products purchased from our online store with Promo Code: HOPE20
    • Save 20% on books only at these campus bookstores
      • Rancho Mirage, California
      • Naples, Florida
      • Chicago, Illinois
      • Center City, Minnesota
      • Plymouth, Minnesota
      • Newberg, Oregon
Renewal Center

Giving Back

There are many ways you can help others find freedom from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Consider volunteering with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and give back to others who are working toward a meaningful life in recovery.

  • Become a recovery contact
  • Share your story of recovery at one of our sites
  • Start or attend an alumni chapter meeting
  • Enable someone to access treatment through a financial gift to benefit patient care
  • Share your experience with others seeking treatment and recovery support by submitting an online review, with various degrees of anonymity, to any of a number of online platforms.

Alumni Events

Center City Unit Reunions

Our residential units are the chapters in life where recovery takes root. They are communities of incredibly caring people, our connections to whom will last a lifetime. Join Renewal Center Staff and fellow alumni for unit reunions this year. Every reunion includes fellowship with residents, reflection gatherings, group, lectures, and much more. Call 1-800-262-4882 to register, or click the button below.

  • Tiebout: March 16–19
  • Shoemaker: April 20–23
  • Dia Linn: July 20–23
  • Cronin/Cork: August 17–20
  • Promises: September 7–10
  • Lilly/Jellinek/Osborne: September 21–24
  • Silkworth: October 19–22
Center City Unit