Teens & Young Adult Rehab Facility in Plymouth, MN

11505 36th Avenue North Plymouth, MN 55441
Nothing I did made any difference, until I decided to send my son to Hazelden.

A Grateful Parent
Hazelden Betty Ford in Plymouth, Minnesota

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Center for Young People Ages 12-25 

Inpatient and outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs at our youth and families center are developmentally appropriate, personalized and evidence-based. Addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression are addressed at the same time in our residential programs. This provides an integrated treatment approach that offers our patients the best opportunity for lasting recovery. 

Specialized programs and services for adolescents, teens and young adults include: 

  • Screening and brief intervention
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation
  • Inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab
  • Outpatient mental health services
  • Opioid use disorder programs
  • Animal-assisted programming 
  • Post-treatment planning
  • Family/parent education and support

Inpatient Rehab Program 

Adolescents and young adults who participate in our inpatient drug rehab program live in comfortable and inviting gender-informed residential units and follow a full daily schedule of treatment activities. Care teams comprised of addiction counselors, mental health professionals and medical professionals establish an individualized treatment plan for each patient continually assess the patient's progress, and develop post-treatment recommendations. 

Core components of inpatient treatment at our youth facility include: 

  • Medically supervised detox 
  • Integrated mental health services for co-occurring disorders* 
  • Medical services 
  • Group therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Educational sessions 
  • Special focus groups to address key topics and issues 
  • Twelve Step Facilitation therapy 
  • Wellness activities 
  • Spiritual care services 
  • Gender-specific programming 
  • On-site schooling options in coordination with the patient's home school 
  • On-site gym, fitness room and basketball court 
  • 24/7 supervision, 7 days a week 

*Licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a co-occurring disorder treatment provider. 

Specialized Teen Rehab for Opioid Addiction 

Our addiction rehab center in Plymouth also offers a specialized, evidence-based opioid treatment approach known as the Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12®) program

COR-12 incorporates individual and group therapy, lectures and medication-assisted treatment, as clinically advised. Our clinicians developed this specialized treatment approach to help patients achieve stable, Twelve Step-based recovery and, ultimately, abstinence from opioids. 

Our program has a proven track record of keeping patients engaged in recovery activities and support over a longer duration—allowing for the extra time needed to regain health and hope, learn essential coping skills and form connections that support lasting sobriety. 

Outpatient Treatment Programs 

Outpatient substance abuse programming at our treatment center for teens and young adults encompasses multiple levels of individually paced care to meet the needs of each patient. As patients reach clinical and behavioral milestones, outpatient sessions are reduced from three to four times a week to once or twice weekly, with a focus on developing healthy new behaviors and routines. 

High-Intensity Outpatient Program

Our most intensive level of outpatient care, our high-intensity outpatient program—known as day treatment or partial hospitalization—includes the same core components as inpatient treatment. Patients can pair high-intensity outpatient programming with our sober-living option, residing with peers on campus in our safe and supportive recovery community. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP)—available both virtually and in-person— provides separate, special-focus programming for adolescents, teenagers and young adults. Most patients participate in IOP three days a week for three hours a day to begin. But as clinical milestones are met, treatment sessions are scheduled less frequently. For those needing outpatient mental health services, individual, group and family therapy sessions will be coordinated with your addiction treatment. 

Outpatient Mental Health Services 

Mental health assessments and counseling are available on an outpatient basis to the general public (individuals 12 years of age or older). These outpatient mental health services are provided by psychiatrists, psychologists and other licensed mental health professionals. Services include:

  • Assessments
  • Individual counseling
  • Group sessions
  • Family therapy and more 

Help and Healing for Families Affected by Addiction 

Learn how to manage and work through the challenges your family has faced, understand how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, and start rebuilding authentic, trusting relationships with our Family programs, including support groups and family counseling. 

Many of our family services are free and available to anyone. In addition, many are provided virtually so you can access support from anywhere. Special sessions are available for Spanish speaking participants. 

Family Programs

Learn more about our programs supporting families affected by addiction.

Family Programs

Children's Programs

Learn more about our life-changing programs designed to help children with addicted parents.

Children's Programs

Virtual Teen Intervene 

If your teenage son or daughter was caught using marijuana, or if he or she admitted to drinking with other underage friends, our screening and brief intervention program can provide you with helpful answers and next steps. While they may not be struggling with addiction, some type of intervention is important to address any current issues and help create healthy habits for the future. 

Our evidence-based Teen Intervene screening and brief intervention sessions are designed to: 

  • Help young people identify the reasons for—and effects of—their alcohol or drug use 
  • Equip teens with a personalized course of action for making healthier choices 
  • Offers education, support and guidance for parents 

Adolescents work one-on-one with an addiction counselor for three sessions, and parents may be involved in one session, as clinically appropriate.

Recovery Management 

Our post-treatment services and resources are designed to help teens and young adults strengthen and advance healthy living skills for the long-term. Experts across the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation provide a number of in-person, online and digital recovery support resources services such as mobile apps, inspirational emails, online social communities and web-based tools. 

Our local Plymouth phone number is 1-763-509-3810. Due to federal confidentiality regulations, if someone calls the facility asking for a patient we can neither confirm nor deny the patient's presence. Our response will be, "If that person is here, he or she will receive a message to call you." 

The patient will receive the message and can call back in the evening during their free time. They may call collect or use a pre-paid calling card as cell phones will be stored in a locked location during your stay and will be returned upon discharge. 


Our campus is not a locked-down facility, and patients must be willing to admit themselves and comply with the program. 

Upon admission to any of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation inpatient programs, patients start on our medical services unit where they will safely and comfortably detox alongside licensed medical professionals. 

Patients are assigned a "buddy" from their peer group who will escort them from the medical unit to their treatment unit, help them get comfortable and become involved with the various activities of the center. 

Nicotine-Free Campus

Our Plymouth facility is a nicotine-free campus. Consumption is not permitted in the building or on the grounds by patients, staff, parents or other visitors.

Nicotine addiction is treated along with other drugs of abuse. We incorporate individual counseling, recovery groups, and lectures that focus on nicotine recovery into the patient's addiction treatment plan. Withdrawal needs are assessed by our medical staff and patients are prescribed anti-craving medication when needed.

Patient Daily Schedules

Daily schedules are highly structured with patients attending educational groups, and participating in a variety of afternoon activities that could include: 

  • One-to-one counseling time
  • Special topic groups dealing with issues such as anger or grief
  • Group wellness activities
  • Online school (credits not offered in the summer)
  • Individual time to work on treatment assignments

Evening schedules include: 

  • Educational groups or AA meetings
  • Various unit meetings  
  • Evening meditation

Planned wellness activities are an integral part of the treatment process allowing young people to learn how to live life without using chemicals.

Service Animal Policy

Service animals are permitted in Hazelden Betty Ford facilities and we afford individuals who require the assistance of a service animal with equal opportunity to access the organization. Per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a "service animal" is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

Per the ADA, dogs or other animals whose sole function is to provide comfort, emotional support or companionship do not qualify as service animals. Emotional support, therapy animals and pets are not permitted on Hazelden Betty Ford's facilities, leased spaces or on campus grounds.

Getting Here

Hazelden Betty Ford provides airport transportation for individuals arriving for treatment in our residential programs. Families, visitors, and guests must arrange all other transportation to and from the facility. 

For all other visits, including to the Family Program, you can use one of the local taxi or ride share services. Taxis are easily accessible from the airport and will take you to Hazelden Betty Ford.

Hazelden Betty Ford 
11505 36th Ave. North 
Plymouth, MN 

Visiting Hours and Expectations

To protect the health and wellbeing of our community during spikes in COVID-19 rates and changing area policies, visitation restrictions may be in place. Please check with staff to determine current visitation policies at this location. Thank you, and be well.

Contacting Patients

Patients can make outgoing calls using pre-paid phone cards or collect calls from phones on their designated units. Due to the importance of keeping young people focused on treatment, telephone calls are limited to ten minutes in length. Patients may receive phone messages at 1-763-509-3858. To protect confidentiality, no information indicating a patient's presence is given out to callers.

Sending/Receiving Mail

Patients may send and receive mail, although packages must be opened in the presence of a staff person. Patients cannot receive or send email messages. Mail may be sent to the patient at the following address:

Hazelden Betty Ford 
[Patient Name] 
11505 36th Ave. North 
Plymouth, MN 55441


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Hazelden Betty Ford Named a Center of Excellence among Top Insurers 

Hazelden Betty Ford is proud to be recognized by multiple insurance providers for our leadership, best practices, research, support and training in the addiction treatment field. 

These special acknowledgements for Hazelden Betty Ford in Plymouth, Minnesota, include: