Consulting and Training Solutions

With a focus on translating science into best practices—and discerning your needs and experience—our team can help your organization amplify existing offerings and develop new options.
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One year after treatment, 88% rate their overall general health as good or better, the same as Americans who've never needed treatment.

Partnering with you to shape and strengthen behavioral health solutions

Strategies and services developed in close collaboration with schools, health care systems, government agencies and community organizations and agencies represent some of the most promising ways forward.

Hazelden Betty Ford’s consultants and trainers bring research-informed methodologies and recognized best practices to their work with your organization. But more than that, we bring a deep and abiding respect for the life-changing work you do and a desire to learn more from you about your organization’s unique situation and mission.

Our consultative role is as much about empowerment as expertise. And that’s why our Consulting and Training Solutions approach is big on collaboration and innovation at every stage, especially as we:

  • Learn about your organization/community’s distinct experiences, strengths and challenges
  • Identify gaps or limitations in existing services and resources
  • Develop an action plan to address identified needs

We’re ready to listen, learn and work in partnership with you

Collaborative solutions come in all shapes and sizes, but our Consulting and Training Solutions team always starts in the same way: By listening and learning about your organization’s experiences, strengths and needs. This is how we can leverage existing capabilities, amplify promising approaches—and maybe even discover new possibilities in the process.

Prevention Solutions

Our prevention specialists and trainers work alongside students, school staff, families and communities to build life skills that help more people live healthy lives. A sampling of consulting and training topics for your school community includes:

  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention
  • Intervention
  • Bullying and violence prevention
  • Mental health promotion
  • Suicide prevention
  • Student success
  • Healthy relationships

Medical Solutions

Through immersive learning opportunities and special-focus trainings, our medical and behavioral health clinicians help physicians, medical students and other healthcare professionals recognize and respond to the challenges of substance use and mental health disorders. A sampling of our trainings for your health care providers includes:

  • The neurobiology of addiction
  • Medications for opioid use disorder
  • Pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorder
  • Opioid taper and reduction strategies for the primary care setting
  • Clinical utilization and interpretation of urine drug screens
  • Intersection of ACES and trauma

Clinical Solutions

From stigma reduction to motivational engagement strategies to organizational assessments, our behavioral health clinicians and trainers help communities work together to promote health and well-being. A sampling of training topics for your behavioral health team includes:

  • Treatment for substance use and opioid use disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Trauma-informed and responsive care
  • Relapse prevention
  • Motivational interviewing and engagement
  • Family involvement in the recovery process
  • Twelve Step facilitation

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