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Wondering about insurance coverage for outpatient drug/alcohol rehab? Our specialists can help you access the maximize available insurance benefits. We work with Anthem, Magellan, Optum, Kaiser, Aetna, TriWest and most other major insurance plans.

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Betty Ford Center in Los Angeles, CA

Treatment Programs


Outpatient Rehab Programs

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At the Betty Ford Center's Los Angeles clinic, outpatient substance abuse rehab is individually paced and tailored to meet your needs. Clinicians at our outpatient center specialize in day treatment (also referred to as partial hospitalization) and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) with options to continue in low intensity outpatient for continuing care.

When you begin treatment, Betty Ford Center clinicians will put together a personalized plan that identifies an initial level and frequency of care. Then, your treatment team will continually assess your progress, adjust your care plan accordingly, and develop post-rehab recommendations to guide and support your ongoing recovery from addiction.

Patients with more complex addiction and recovery issues may require more time to address:

  • Co-occurring mental health disorders/dual diagnosis
  • Relapse prevention
  • Sober living skills
One year after treatment, 74 percent of our patients report being sober

How can I tell if I need treatment?

Are you wondering because your alcohol or other drug use is having a negative impact on your relationships? Your career?  Your physical health? Your ability to cope with life's everyday stressors?

These are common indicators that substance abuse might be affecting your well-being and quality of life—and that you could possibly benefit from treatment.

To get a better sense of your situation, reach out to a Betty Ford Center care navigator. You can speak confidentially and at no cost to gain a better understanding of how addiction is assessed and what kinds of help and services are available. 

You can also ask our care navigators for specific information about our outpatient programs in Los Angeles, including:

  • Day Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Low Intensity Counselor-Facilitated Groups

Does the Betty Ford Center offer detox services in Los Angeles?

We do not provide alcohol or drug detox at our Los Angeles outpatient clinic, but our Rancho Mirage inpatient treatment center has an on-site medical unit for detoxification services.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be unpredictable and severe, so it's advised to seek out medically supervised detox services. In addition to safely and comfortably withdrawing from addictive substances, the detox process relieves drug cravings so you can focus your attention more fully on treatment.

Does virtual treatment work for addiction?

Telehealth conferencing has opened the doors to rehab in LA to more people than ever—offering the a comparable level of care but more convenient than in-person sessions.

The Betty Ford Center's virtual IOP program could be an ideal addiction treatment solution if you have accessibility or mobility concerns or you aren't located in Los Angeles or near any of our facilities in southern California.

How can the Betty Ford Center help me after rehab?

As you begin your recovery from active addiction, you will find that your new sober life takes patience, practice and a daily commitment to maintaining your health and well-being. That's because you are essentially learning new way of living—replacing substance use with healthy new routines and behaviors.

Hazelden Betty Ford's online, in-person and digital resources and services are designed to help you strengthen your sober lifestyle and build recovery that lasts. These resources include:

  • Mobile apps
  • Phone-based recovery coaching
  • Special-focus Twelve Step retreats
  • Online recovery communities
  • Speaker events and other activities

Virtual Outpatient Care

Mental Health Services

In addition to substance abuse rehab programs, the Betty Ford Center offers mental health counseling and related therapy services. Our psychologists, counselors and therapists can help if you're struggling to cope with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, other types of trauma, loss, grief or other mental health challenges.

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Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

Substance use issues often occur in tandem with other emotional or mental health challenges. Clinicians at the Betty Ford Center in West Los Angeles specialize in evidence-based treatment of co-occurring disorders. This means that mental health services and therapies are integrated into your addiction treatment plan by counselors and therapists who have expertise in dual diagnoses.

Virtual Mental Health Services

Our licensed mental health staff provide consultation and counseling to help you work through anxiety, grief, depression, PTSD and other challenges. Virtual care services include individual appointments as well as couples and family counseling.

Note: Outpatient mental health services are available to the general community, not only individuals who come to the Betty Ford Center for addiction treatment.

Behavioral Health Services and Resources

Family Services and Support

Addiction touches everyone in the family—spouses, siblings, children, parents. There's a lot of healing needed, for everyone. The Betty Ford Center's innovative services for families and children are designed to help you reconnect and heal, together.

Many of our family resources are available at no cost and online so your family members can access help and support from anywhere in California, and beyond.


  • Virtual family services orientation session
  • Immersive family workshop – in-person (Rancho Mirage)
  • Children's program (ages 7-12) – virtual or in-person (Rancho Mirage)
  • Adolescent program (ages 13-19) - virtual
  • Spanish-language family session - virtual
  • Native American family session – virtual
  • Virtual family support groups
  • Virtual healthy relationships series
  • Family coaching – web and phone-based
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Licensure and Certifications

California Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation locations are licensed and/or certified by the Department of Public Health (Residential) and the Department of Health Care Services (Outpatient). California Department of Health Care Services – Certification Number 190864AN – Expiration 9/30/25