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At Betty Ford Center, I was given the hope and skill sets necessary to live not only a clean and sober life, but to live a life that is beyond my wildest dreams.

Betty Ford Center in West Los Angeles, CA

Located in West Los Angeles, the Betty Ford Center's outpatient rehab center provides convenient access—both weekdays and weeknights—to world-class addiction treatment and mental health services.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs at our outpatient center in Los Angeles are modeled after inpatient substance use programming at the Betty Ford Center's flagship rehab center in Rancho Mirage, California. Convenient, easy-to-access outpatient services at our West Los Angeles drug treatment center bring Betty Ford Center's expert care and clinical services to many more people seeking effective addiction rehab and mental health services. 

Based on your specific diagnosis, situation and challenges, our treatment center staff will put together an individualized plan that identifies an initial level and frequency of care for you. For example, your personalized care plan at our Los Angeles treatment center could help you address: 

  • A substance use disorder
  • A mental health disorder
  • Relapse (return of symptoms) prevention
  • Healthy relationships in sobriety

Day Treatment

Whether you are admitted directly to the day treatment program at our Betty Ford Center in West LA or you are stepping down from a higher level of care, this intensive daily addiction treatment program (also known as partial hospitalization) is an ideal fit if you:

  • Are transitioning from an inpatient level of care and could benefit from more support as you transition to home life
  • Would benefit from more support and guidance than a standard outpatient treatment program
  • Have returned to use but don't need the full inpatient treatment experience

Length of stay is variable depending on your clinical progress but programming is Monday - Friday for five hours a day.

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab

At the Betty Ford Center in Los Angeles, you can participate in an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) virtually or in person. In either case, your treatment frequency and duration will be based on your personalized treatment plan and your care team's recommendations.

Our intensive outpatient program is an ideal option as a follow-up to residential addiction treatment (also known as inpatient addiction treatment) or as a day treatment program. This level of outpatient rehab can be especially effective as a first-time substance abuse treatment program if you have a supportive and stable home life. As you make progress through IOP and meet clinical milestones, your treatment team may recommend that you transition into Betty Ford Center's low intensity outpatient programming.

Low Intensity Outpatient Groups

At the Betty Ford Center's Los Angeles rehab, low intensity outpatient addiction treatment involves participation in weekly counselor-facilitated groups. These sessions provide valuable opportunities for you to:

  • Process any immediate recovery concerns
  • Learn about relapse prevention strategies
  • Identify self-defeating behaviors that are causing undue stress
  • Address other behavioral health challenges and concerns

Virtual Outpatient Mental Health Services

In addition to substance abuse rehab programs, the Betty Ford Center offers mental health counseling and related therapy services. Our counselors and therapists can help if you're struggling to cope with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, other types of trauma, loss, grief or other mental health conditions. Licensed mental health staff provide consultation and counseling sessions Monday through Thursday, by appointment. These services include: 

  • Mental health assessments
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy, including sessions for dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills, cognitive behavioral therapy coping skills and resiliency

Family and Children's Services

Our Family Programs, support groups and family counseling resources can guide you and your loved ones through the stress and disorder caused by alcohol and other drug addiction. For most families, working through the challenges that addiction brings means learning how to set and maintain healthy boundaries and how to rebuild trust with one another.

Many of our family services are offered free of charge and are available to the general community (not limited to people who participate in our addiction rehab programs or mental health services). In addition, many of these services are available virtually so you and your family members can access help and support wherever you reside.


Recovery Management

As you begin your recovery from active addiction, you will find that your new sober life takes patience, practice and a daily commitment to regaining and maintaining your health. That's because you are essentially learning a new way of living—replacing substance use with healthy new routines and behaviors. You are learning to manage a chronic disease.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's online, in-person and digital resources and services are designed to help you strengthen your sober lifestyle while building healthy new routines and connections for the long-term. 

These resources include: 

  • Mobile apps
  • Special-focus Twelve Step retreats
  • Online recovery communities
  • Speaker events and other activities 
  • Phone-based coaching and accountability service

Hazelden Betty Ford Is Named a Center of Excellence among Top Insurers

Hazelden Betty Ford is recognized by multiple insurance providers for our leadership, best practices, research, support and training in the addiction field, including residential and outpatient treatment. 

Insurers who have recognized the Betty Ford Center in West Los Angeles, California, include the following:

California Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation locations are licensed and/or certified by the Department of Public Health (Residential) and the Department of Health Care Services (Outpatient). 

California Department of Health Care Services – Certification Number 190864AN – Expiration 9/30/25