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Accepted Health Insurance

Do you have questions about insurance coverage for addiction treatment? Our specialists can guide you in accessing and maximizing your health insurance benefits. We work with Lucet Behavioral Health, United Behavioral Health/UBH/Optum, Aetna, Cigna and most other major insurance plans.

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Hazelden Betty Ford in Naples, Florida

Addiction Treatment Programs

Our Continuum of Care

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Options

The goal of substance use treatment is to help you get well and stay well. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs equip you with the clinical care, personal insights and recovery skills you need to live your best life, free from alcohol or other drugs.

At Hazelden Betty Ford, your treatment path is tailored to your needs—based on your specific circumstances, challenges and concerns.

Unlike most other rehab clinics in Florida, Hazelden Betty Ford in Naples has medical staff, psychiatrists, counselors and therapists on site, providing you with expert, synchronized and comprehensive care.

One year after treatment, 74 percent of our patients report being sober

How can I tell if I need treatment?

A helpful place to start is to ask yourself if your substance use might be contributing to any difficulties you're experiencing, like relationship issues or work struggles or health conditions. These are clues that your alcohol or other drug use could be affecting your ability to cope well or function optimally—and that you might benefit from treatment.

To get a better picture, contact a Hazelden Betty Ford care navigator. In talking with you confidentially and at no cost, our care navigators can help assess your situation, share the types of programs and services we offer in Florida, and guide you in determining next steps, including admission to inpatient or outpatient treatment, if appropriate.

You can also ask our care navigators about the different levels and components of addiction rehab available at our Naples, Florida, treatment facility, including:

  • Integrated mental health services for co-occurring disorders, with care provided by psychiatrists and other licensed mental health professionals
  • Medical services (24/7 nursing care)
  • Recommendations for local providers of detox services
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Educational presentations about the disease of addiction
  • Special-focus groups for adults age 50+
  • Twelve Step Facilitation therapy
  • Wellness activities
  • Spiritual care services
  • Sober living community

In addition, our care navigators can tell you more about our specialized protocol for opioid use disorder, including medication-assisted treatment options.

Why do you have groups specifically for adults age 50 and older?

At our addiction rehab in Florida, these special-focus groups provide the opportunity to more deeply explore age-specific issues related to substance use disorders, recovery and well-being. For example, topics and discussion could include:

  • Age-specific addiction challenges related to career, physical health, mental acuity, financial security or family structure
  • Wellness concerns related to medication management, nutrition, chronic pain or sexual health
  • How to rediscover meaning, identity and purpose in live
  • The stigma of alcohol or drug addiction and the impact of shame on healthy recovery

Does Hazelden Betty Ford have on-site detox in Naples?

At this time, we do not provide alcohol or drug detox at our Naples facility. Our clinicians can provide you with recommendations for a Florida detox center or other local detox services.

Alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms can be unpredictable and complicated, so it's vital to seek out qualified detox services.

The detox process relieves cravings and eases withdrawal symptoms so you can focus your energy and thoughts on treatment.

Does telehealth or virtual treatment work for addiction?

Telehealth technologies at Hazelden Betty Ford have opened the doors to treatment and therapy to more people than ever. Our virtual program is an ideal drug rehabilitation option for those with accessibility or mobility challenges or who aren't located near the Naples area or the greater Southwest Florida region.

By some measures, virtual treatment has resulted in improved participation rates because attendance is more convenient.

Our Naples-based virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) incorporates evidence-based addiction therapies, Twelve Step principles and practices, and the latest scientific research about drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Your individualized care plan will be based on psychological, social and substance use assessments, and will include individual therapy, group education and support sessions and recovery skill-building.

Do you have a sober housing option if I go to outpatient rehab?

Yes. If you participate in outpatient substance abuse treatment at our Naples facility, you have the option of living on site in our beautiful condos. Living on site provides you with a built-in recovery community during treatment, including the 24/7 availability of treatment professionals to provide help and answers. Details include:

  • State-of-the-art condominiums that typically house four patients per unit
  • Fully furnished condos with dedicated washer and dryer, fully supplied kitchen and open-air terrace
  • Twice-a-week grocery delivery per your order
  • Rooftop patio for gatherings, recreation, preparing and sharing meals, relaxing and more

How can Hazelden Betty Ford help me after rehab?

Your treatment team will connect you with helpful post-treatment services and resources based on your specific needs. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means learning to live your life differently so you can manage the chronic disease of addiction.

Hazelden Betty Ford's innovative resources are designed to inform and support your recovery, reduce the risk of relapse, and introduce you to healthy new ideas and routines. Some of our most popular resources include:

  • Phone-based recovery coaching
  • Self-help publications and mobile apps, such as daily meditation books.
  • Online social communities
  • Daily inspirational emails

Outpatient Care

Mental Health Services

If you've been feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping with life's challenges, our mental health therapists are here for you. We have expertise in assessing and treating anxiety, trauma/PTSD, depression and other common mental and emotional health conditions. 

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Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

More often than not, substance use issues are accompanied by other emotional or mental health challenges. The combination of symptoms can make diagnosis and treatment complicated. For example, the symptoms of a trauma disorder can become more severe with alcohol or other drug use. Likewise, substance use issues can intensify as symptoms of trauma exposure worsen.

Clinicians at Hazelden Betty Ford in Naples specialize in dual diagnosis and dual-enhanced treatment of co-occurring disorders. Mental health therapy is fully integrated into your personalized treatment plan and services are provided by psychologists, psychiatrists and addiction counselors who have expertise in treating co-occurring disorders.

Outpatient and Virtual Mental Health Services

Outpatient mental health services at Hazelden Betty Ford's Naples treatment center are available in person and virtually to individuals 12 years of age and older.

All outpatient services are provided by licensed mental health professionals, including:

  • Mental health screenings and assessments
  • Individual counseling and therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management/coordination

Services and Resources

Help and Care for Your Family

Addiction touches all our relationships, especially the relationships we care about most. There's a lot of healing needed, all around. Hazelden Betty Ford's educational and support programs for families and children can help everyone in your family circle heal and grow—together.

Many of our family resources are available at no cost and online so you and your loved ones can access help and support from anywhere in Florida.


  • Virtual family services orientation session
  • Virtual healthy relationships series
  • Spanish-language family session - virtual
  • Native American family session - virtual
  • Virtual family support groups
  • Children's program (ages 7-12) – virtual
  • Phone and web-based family coaching
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Licensure and Certifications

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's treatment center in Naples is licensed by: State of Florida Department of Children and Families 
Substance Abuse Services License Number: 1141068250501 
Licensed Services: Outpatient Detoxification, Residential Levels I and IV, Day/Night Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Aftercare