Children's Program Videos


Meet Zoe and Heather

Listen in as Zoe and her mom, Heather share their powerful story and journey of healing with the support of the Children's Program. Zoe now sets out to help more kids that have been affected by a loved one's struggle with substance use and mental health disorders.

Jeremiah's Story

As a paramedic and firefighter for over a decade, Jeremiah G. rescued lives every day. But when opioid addiction took hold, his role changed from lifesaver to patient. Learn more about Jeremiah, his family's story, and how the Children's Program led them all safely to recovery.

Mathew's Story

Kids who grow up in homes where addiction has been a problem often walk on eggshells. But the Children's Program helps kids safely navigate the territory. Here is the story of one Denver-area teen who overcame his parent's addiction and is now following big NFL dreams.

Rebuilding Families

For many families affected by the misuse of alcohol and other drugs, a final solution comes through the court system. A family integrated treatment (FIT) court, or family drug court, provides families with hope for recovery and a chance at healthy family life. Watch a short video on how the Children's Program works in tandem with drug courts to rebuild families.

Meet Beamer

The Children’s Program learned early on that children readily identify with and care about Beamer, the mascot of the program. In fact, animated characters transcend all barriers as a means to connect with children. In this short video, learn how successful the Beamer character is for counseling children from families afflicted with addiction.

How Children Are Affected by Addiction

Addiction not only hurts those caught in its trap but the family as well—especially when kids are involved. This video illustrates how children are impacted when a family member has addiction and how they can learn healthy self-care and coping skills through our one-of-a-kind program.

Referring to the Children's Program

Program director, Dr. Jerry Moe, discusses how easy it is to make a referral to the Children's Program.