New Ways to Embrace Families

Deneige and her children read Beamer Book from Children's Program
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With the help of donors, we're making sure that families have the services and programs they need.

Nearly half of all adults in the US have dealt with substance use problems in their family. When someone is struggling with addiction, their family members often experience significant instability, stress, and chaos in the home. Tragically, children growing up in a family with addiction are four times to eight times more likely to develop a substance use disorder themselves by adulthood. 

At Hazelden Betty Ford, we know that caring for the entire family is crucial to fostering healing and hope—and breaking the intergenerational cycle of addiction. 

As the country faces a growing addiction and mental health crisis, we are committed to reaching even more families in need, with the help of generous supporters. That is why we launched the National Center for Families and Children in 2023, thanks to a landmark gift from the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation. Through the National Center, we are building a new approach that will embrace families and children with wrap-around services to address their unique challenges and improve their lives and well-being. 

The National Center for Families and Children will encompass a robust recovery community for family members, where adults and children alike can find connection and resources to replace stigma and isolation. While our legacy Family Program and Children's Program have helped thousands of families in the past, the time has come to adapt and create even more robust services so we can help more family members along their own healing journeys—meeting them where they're at with the help they need. 

With the help of donors, we're making sure that families who turn to Hazelden Betty Ford find a comprehensive suite of services and programs available. We are ready to meet their needs at the various stages of their journey to recovery with both in-person and online opportunities, including introductory and immersive workshops, support groups, one-on-one coaching, counseling and more. And our services are open to anyone with a loved one struggling with addiction—regardless of whether the person has ever received treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford. 

Supporters from across the nation play a critical role in helping families, because insurance providers do not cover support services for family members—no matter how crucial these services are. It is only through the generosity of caring individuals like you that Hazelden Betty Ford can be there for families. 

Whether they are parents, spouses, grown children or siblings, family members often feel hopeless and alone as they deal with the devastating effects of their loved one's addiction. Through philanthropic support, Hazelden Betty Ford provides a light for these families, guiding the way toward their own journey of recovery and healing. 

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