The Bold Vision We Share

Impact Report 2022

The Bold Vision We Share

As we reflect on 2022, we are bolstered by you—our alumni, families and friends—and hopeful about the future of the bold vision we share: empowering recovery and well-being for all.

Thanks to you, tens of thousands of people received the support, resources and tools they needed to initiate and then thrive in recovery. Whether they struggled with active addiction themselves or found their lives upended by a loved one's challenges, Hazelden Betty Ford was there for them—thanks to your support.

Mary Pat Woodard, Bill Parker, Joe Lee, Joseph From left: Board of Trustee Vice Chair, MaryPat Woodard; Chair, Bill Parker; and President & CEO, Joseph Lee, MD

Featured Stories

Stories of Inspiration, Impact and Gratitude

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Recovering Together: Healing the Brokenhearted

By the time Shawn found Hazelden Betty Ford, she was desperate to help her daughter, May.

She knew that May had a family history of addiction on both sides. Shawn constantly second-guessed her parenting decisions as May's substance use became more serious. When May entered treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford's program for teens and young adults, Shawn signed up for the Family Program. And it changed everything. 

Merrill, Shawn - Web Copy

Revolutionizing Care: Embracing the Family

"Addiction affects entire families," says Abby Moffat, chief executive officer and president of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation. The Foundation has made a generous commitment of $10 million to Hazelden Betty Ford to initiate the establishment of a National Center for Families and Children. For Abby, this landmark gift has roots that are deeply personal. 

Revolutionizing Care - Abby Spencer Moffat, Diana Davis Spencer

Advancing Care through Science and Stories

Quyen Ngo, PhD, is a leader in the field of addiction science and the executive director of the Butler Center for Research at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. She shares her thoughts on why research around addiction has lagged behind other medical and public health concerns, and how data can tell a story. 

Quyen Ngo, Advancing Care

Empowering Recovery: The Impact of Giving Back

Envision a world where the support of a recovery community is just a phone call or text message away. Steve Chaudoin is doing his part to make that vision a reality. He serves as a recovery contact for men returning to his hometown of Atlanta after treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford—in hopes of keeping them engaged in their recovery and improving their long-term outcomes.

Empowering Recovery, Steve

Expanding Access through Next-Generation Counselors

The growing need for addiction treatment continues to outpace the services available in the U.S. To compound the challenge, oftentimes patients who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color are discouraged when seeking help—or don't even try—because it's hard to find counselors who relate to their lived experiences. With the help of generous supporters, the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies is working to change that reality. 

Expanding Access -  Susie Brooks, Bryan Garcia, FaLeisha Jourdain

Your Support Makes a Difference

The country is facing an addiction and mental health crisis. Together, we are envisioning a brighter future.
2022 Donor Impact Report

With Gratitude

We are grateful to the supporters who made the lifesaving work of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation possible in 2022. Thank you for joining with us to be a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by substance use and mental health conditions.  


Diana Davis Spencer Foundation# 

$5,000,000 — $9,999,999 

Joyce* and Max* Wildman 

$2,500,000 — $4,999,999 

Daniels Fund# 

Goldring Family Foundation# 

MaryPat Woodard#

$1,000,000 — $2,499,999 

Anne Searle Bent# 

Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation 

Maria J. McDonald# 

Robb Charitable Gift Fund# 

Scaife Family Foundation 

$500,000 — $999,999 


E.T. Bradley# 

Brian and Marlene Dooner# 

Shirley and Andrew Kahn# 

Mary and John Power#

$250,000 — $499,999 

Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation 

Brad and Kim Blevins# 

Tela Gallagher Mathias# 

Peter I. and Helen Georgeson Charitable Remainder Unitrust 

Bill and Anne Parker# 

John F. Rasor# 

Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso 

J.D. Simpson*# 

Carolyn Trenery* 

Claudia and Paul Zumbro#

$100,000 — $249,999 

Anonymous (2) 

Anonymous, in loving memory of Esther E. Sternberg 

Austin Family Foundation 

BCS Family Foundation 

Karen and Frank Boykin# 

Adair and Susan Brown# 

Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation# 

Saffron and Tim Case# 

Lori Engebritson 

Susan Shannon Engeleiter 

Margaret and Gregg Eskenazi# 

Ferm Family# 

Wolfgang E. Giesecke and William E. Vastardis Family Fund of Horizons Foundation# 

Janienne and Patrick Hackett# 

Ann Highet# 

Helen Johnson-Leipold and Craig Leipold 

William C. Moyers#

John D. Picotte Family Foundation#: John D. Picotte and Maggie J. Hines-Picotte Brooke Picotte and Scott Corrigan Meg and Tom MacClarence John D. Picotte Jr., and Meghan Picotte 

Donna and Rob Reifschneider 

Leo and Molly Varley Family Fund of the McGlynn Family Foundation#

$50,000 — $99,999 

Anonymous (5) 

Boyle Family Foundation 

Jacqueline Clarke 

The Dodson Foundation, Inc. 

Joanna and Phillip Frasier 

Grant Fuhr Foundation 

William Gipson 

Haggerty Family Foundation Megan and John Haggerty 

Kova Foundation, Inc.# 

Rosita Manocherian 

Yael and Jed Manocherian 

Melisa Reasner McGuire

Advised Endowment Fund, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation 

Judith and Bill Moyers 

The Nicholson Brothers Fund# 

Charles F. Rechlin 

RJK Foundation# 

David Roberson# 

Alfred Sedgwick* 

Mary Sheehan 

Andrea Stimmel and Jeffrey Degree# 

Emily Williams

$25,000 — $49,999 


Anschutz Foundation 

Bayley Family Foundation 

Bill’s Wish 

Cargill, Inc. 

Max Cohen 

Employees of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation 

Maggie and Ronan Harty 

Paul* and Ursula Heinen 

Ina Kay Foundation

Knutson Construction 

Mary Kowalski through Evercore Trust 

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 

Marjorie B. Salter Trust 

Pam and Mike Sime 

Elizabeth Skarie and Jerry Greenfield 

Mary and Quint Studer 

Synchrony Financial 

F.T. Weyerhaeuser Family Fund 

Anne M. and W. Christopher White

Paula and Daniel Wilson

$10,000 — $24,999 

Anonymous (4) 

Susan Ford Bales# 

Bill Anderson, in memory of his wife Tina 

John N. Beck 

Blessings of Sobriety 

Connie and Ken Bogan 

Tom and Michelle Bradley 

Gary Broad Foundation 

Mary and Jeffrey Brown

William Browne Family 

Stephen D. and Sara A. Browning# 

Doug and Kathryn Burgum 

Katrien Neukermans Burlinson Fund Silicon Valley Community Foundation 

Bushwood CC/FCD Foundation 

Richard Caesar 

The Cameron Fund 

Cindy* and Chip Chamness 

The Clark Family Fund Lindsay Clark and Danijel Medic Paul and Carolyn Clark 

Cathy and Steve Cook 

Catherine H. and John H. Crawford III Family Foundation 

Thomas and Lee Dagger 

Epsilon Lambda Sigma Pi 

Facebook, Inc. 

Nelson Farris 

Joseph F. and Mary M. Fleischacker Family Foundation

Jerry Gibbs 

Susan Fox Gillis 

Debra Glendening 

Robert Goff 

Robert Goldrich 

Reverend Nancy and Paul Gossling 

Hammel Green and Abrahamson, Inc. 

Josh Hartmann 

Holly E. Humphreys* 

Sally and Joel Hughes 

Ruth and John Huss 

Jerry Pate Turf & Irrigation, Inc. 

JFM Foundation 

Fred, Lois and Jeffrey Joast, in loving memory of their son & brother Henry J. Joast 

The Johnson Family Foundation 

Barbara and Allen Kannapell 

Dan and Arlene Kirby 

Drew Leander 

Jill and Joe Lee 

Clay Leser 

Mairs and Power, Inc. 

Barbara Manocherian

Nancy and Alan Manocherian 

Robert Manocherian 

Za and Donald Manocherian 

McAllister Family Fund 

Toni and Tom McGlynn 

Tim and Debby McKenna 

Cheryl and Dick* McKinley 

Nadine N. Moseley Foundation 

Walter and Rebecca Mosher 

William C. Moyers through the Martin Family Foundation 

Suzanne and Brendan Mulshine 

Gail Munsell 

Terrance and Bette Noble Foundation 

Mary* and Norman* Pattiz 

Judy M. Poferl Charitable Fund 

Patricia Radcliffe 

Amber and John Rasor 

Diane and Rob Reinhart 

Paul Robert 

Carolyn and Bennett Rosenthal

Terry Meyerhoff Rubenstein and Dr. James Rubenstein 

Ruth Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 

RWR Management Company, LLC 

Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. 

Arch W. Shaw Foundation 

Maureen Sheehan 

Jill and David Sly 

Steele Family Foundation 

Carrie and Tom Stephenson 

TisBest Philanthropy 

Tracy Family Foundation 

Mary and Rick Van Horne 

W. Second Growth Foundation 

Dede and Ken Wandel 

William E. Welsh Jr. Family Fund New York Community Trust 

Ben and Mary Whitney Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation 

Carole Wiesbrook

$5,000 — $9,999 

Anonymous (6) 

Anonymous, in memory of Charles Triplett (Trip) Dennis 

Marianne and Jeffrey Allinder 

Kristine and Bruce Amborn 

Jon and Young Anderson 

Barb and Andy Aylward 

Janet and Rick Barlow 

Douglas Baum 

Christine and John Browner 

Jean and Mike Buckley 

Charities Aid Foundation of America 

Chobani, LLC 

City Club Foundation 

Bill & Liz Crowley Charitable Fund 

Dayton King Foundation 

Dellwood Foundation 

Adele Dilschneider 

Cynthia and Bruce Driscoll 

Laura and Edward Duran 

Heidi and Mark Enright 

Barbara Farris 

Anne and Litton Field, Jr.

James Fisher 

Rebecca and Dale Fredell 

Darlene Gieser* 

James Grandberg Family Charitable Fund 

Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation, Inc. 

Peggy and Jim Greenbaum 

Kelly and Hunter Hamm 

Michael and Jennifer Hansen Charitable Gift Fund 

Larry Hay 

Kathy Hensel 

Jackie and Marc Hertz 

Betty* and Brad* Hinker 

Megan Holmes 

Barbara and Spiro Hondros 

Tom and Edwina Johnson Family Foundation 

William Josephson 

Shane Larck 

Lear Family Foundation 

Judy and William Lindquist 

Mad River Foundation 

Fred and Jen Manocherian

Dorothy and Duane* McDowell 

Ruth C. Mead 

Ruth Mickelsen and William Manning# 

Moffett Family Philanthropic Fund 

Peter Morimoto 

The William F. O’Connor Foundation 

Nancy Orr 

Marcia Page and John Huepenbecker 

PJT Partners 

Deborah Harmon Rankin 

Rich May, PC 

Jan and Gus Ritchey 

Mary Roberds 

Ronda Robinson 

Bob Rosencrants 

Christy Rudwall# 

Bruce C. Ryrie and David Arena 

Mitchell Schear Charitable Fund 

Chuck and Lyn Schwager 

Nancy Louann Shaner 

Mary Lynn and Warren Staley

Swigert Warren Foundation 

Thiry-O’Leary Foundation 

Jill and Robert Thomas Charitable Fund 

Andrew and Linnea Turner Family Fund Minneapolis Foundation 

Judy and John Vosika 

Donald Warne 

Catherine L. Weyerhaeuser 2012 Charitable Trust 

David P. Wilke 

Peekie Wolfensohn 

Megan A. and Thomas K. Wuest Charitable Fund of Oregon Community Foundation

$1,000 — $4,999 

Anonymous (27) 

Justin Abbinante 

Mary Jo and Mark Abbott 

Bruce Addison Family Foundation 

Julia Alexander and Eric Lund 

Allen Family Fund 

Roberta Allen 

Theodore Allison

Peggy Allumbaugh 

Alpine Floor Covering, Inc. 

AmazonSmile Foundation 

Anchor Capital Advisors, LLC 

Rita and Matthew Andis 

Robert Annunziata 

Appel Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation 

Bennett Applegate 

Marc Apps 

Michael Arends, in honor of Helen Arends

Elana and Anthony J. Arens 

Andy Arizala II 

Keith Bailey 

Baillon Family Foundation, Inc. 

Elaine Baker 

Marty and Keith Baker 

Pamela Baker 

Balkan Construction, LLC 

Barncard Family Fund 

Michael Barr 

Debra Bauman

Foundation US Charitable Gift Trust 

Loren and Dee Berg 

Tim Beringer 

Bernick Family Foundation 

Elizabeth Berrien 

Joan and Steve Birkeland 

Cathy and Jim Blaha 

Bloomer Family Foundation 

Sandy and David Boles

Bone Roofing Supply, Inc. 

Len Bower 

Carol and Rick Brabbee 

Ray Branstiter 

Bright Funds Foundation 

BrightSpring Health Services 

William Brodie 

Bob and Barb Bromeland 

Carol and Conley Brooks 

Edward and Lane Brooks

Joel Brunt 

Keith Butus 

Margy and Ralph Caccia 

Jennie and Dick Carlson 

Todd Carlson 

Bonnie and Maurice Casey 

Kelly Ann and Stephen Cavagnaro 

Kelly Chaka 

Jane and John Chanon 

Moya and Robert Chase 

James D. Childs and Kathleen Freeman 

Rachel Christensen 

Eileen and Jim Christmas 

Barbara and Bill Cirone 

Greg Clevenger 

CLF Foundation 

Mike Cochran 

Karen and Scott Cochrane 

Coda Gallery 

Pearl Cohen 

Community Health Charities Minnesota 

Carla and Bob Conaty 

Cynnie and Stephen Cook 

Credo Fund

Darcy Charitable Fund 

Jeff Davidoff 

Megan Dayton 

Ned Deacon 

Steve Dearholt 

Linda and Philip Dech 

Claudia and Steven Dey 

Anita and John Diachina 

Diamonstein-Spielvogel Foundation, Inc. 

Julie and Mark Diedrich 

Benn DiPasquale 

Mrs. Stan D. Donnelly, Jr. and Family 

Janet and Glenn Dorfman 

Dougin Family Foundation, Inc. 

Joanne Douglas 

Jacqueline and Kevin Doyle 

Kerry and Marcia Doyle 

Beverley and Fletcher Driscoll 

Sarah and Matt Dryden 

Sue and Rick Dubay 

Sue Duif 

Paige Dupuie 

Noel Durrant

Mr. Jonathan Earp 

Colleen and Mike Ecker 

Teri Edman 

Julia Edwards 

Anne and Fred Ehle 

Kristie and Jason Eid 

Jack and Nita Enoch

Eunice and Carlton Erickson

Carol and Guy Estes 

Lynn Ettestad 

Esperanza Evans 

Dietmar Exler 

Kenneth Fabbre Family Foundation 

Katie Fairbank 

Elizabeth R. Farver 

FBC Chemical Corp. 

Fickbohm Family Legacy Fund 

Kari Field 

First Republic 

Ward Fisher 

Brian and Suzanne Flaherty 

Rebecca Flaherty 

John Flannery, Jr., MD 

Steven Flynn 

FMH Don Thiry

Dennis Fogarty and Chris Albright 

Sarah F. Ford and Calvin R. Ford Family Fund 

Cindy and Bill Fowler 

Shane Fox 

Friends Meeting of Washington, DC 

Ronald Frus 

Patti and Wayne Fuchs 

Kathleen Fuller 

Shelley and Paxton Gagnet 

Martha and Ron Gagnon 

Paul Garfinkel 

Chris Gautreau 

Noelle and John George 

Sima and Morad Ghadamian 

Ginger and Jim Giefer 

Kelly Gieser and Nathan Wardwell 

Kim and James Gilbert 


Dr. and Mrs. John W. Given 

Ray Glendrange, MD, and Mrs. Jenny Glendrange 

Matthew Goldblatt 

Connie and Myron Gordin 

Susan and John Gorman

Gail Gorton 

Sara Goto 

Robert Graham 

Mary and Randy Green 

Ground Companies, LP Gene and Edna Ground 

Rich Guidotti 

Deb H. 

Debbie and Dean Haagenson 

Michael Haffner 

Sandra and Ty Hagen 

Herbert and Gertrude Halverstadt Foundation 

Judy Hamby 

Terry and Mark Hanback 

Cindy and Donald Hannah 

Adrienne Hardesty 

William Harris 

Merry Hart 

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Employees 

Texas Hemmaplardh and Robert McCarter 

Nancy Herbert 

Thomas and Susan Herring Fund 

Kathrine E. and Louis F. Hill

Lisa Hines and Ed Zielinski 

Joan Hoeck 

Robert Hogan and Catherine Yaussy 

Margot and Stephen Holland Charitable Fund 

Jane Hooper 

David Hopkins 

Daniel Huckabay 

Walter M. Hughes, Jr. and Patricia E. Sadler Charitable Fund 

Sharon and Steve Huling 

Alisa and Guy Humphrey 

Hussman Family Foundation 

John Hynes 

Employees of IBM 

Stephanie and Jim Iliff 

Maria and Ron Importico 

Independent Charitable Gift Fund 

Becky and Jeff Jackson 

Amy and Marty Janning 

Jeff and Debra Jay 

Mary and Mike Johnson 

Pat and Larry Johnson 

Sharon and Fredrik Johnson 

Theia Johnson

Christiane Joubert 

Mr. Doug Joyce 

KaiserAir, Inc. 

Linda and Patrick Kane 

Peter Kaufman 

Jason and Kristen Keller 

Emily and Charlie Kelley 

Vickie Kelley 

Traci and Bill Kennedy 

Melinda and Chris Kenney 

Deborah Killinger 

Sally and Bernie Killoran Fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Inc. 

Betty Kinzel 

Deanna and Donald Kivi 

Carl W. Knobloch II 

Dedi and David Knox 

Susanne and Bernard Konrady 

Darlene and Greg Kosin 

Judy and Alan Kosloff 

Jessica Kracl 

Julie Krueger 

Margie and Frank Kulp 

Mariette and Mel Labrosse

Ladies of the Kitchen, LLC 

William J. Lammers 

Greg Lane 

Mary and Tom Lanspa 

Carole Larson 

Jean and Kent Larson 

LaSalle Network 

Allison Lascelle 

Lenox Foundation, Inc. 

Ina Leonard 

Lesser Family Fund 

Barbara and Jim Lester 

Eliana Leve 

Phil and Sharon Lindau Family Fund National Christian Foundation Twin Cities 

Cynthia and Arthur Lindskov 

Hollis Linginfelter 

Rebecca and Chris Lobsinger 

George H. Love II 

Emmett and Margaret Lyne 

John MacArthur and Renee Khatami 

Peter Madel, Jr. 

Norma and Doug Madsen 

Brian Mahoney

John and Debra Mahoney 

Kevin Mahoney 

Heide Mairs 

Mary and Larry Marshall 

David and Laura Martin 

J. William McCallum III 

Judy and John McCarter 

Rachelle and Scott McClintock 

Patricia and Stephen McCormack 

Moira McGinley and Scott Nair 

Kristin and Doug McNamara 

MCP Charitable Foundation, Inc. 

Pete and Mia McPherson 

Phyllis McPhillips 

Elizabeth and John McQueston 

Jeffrey Meyer 

Janene and Fred Mickel 

Amelia and Aaron Milbank 

Mike and Elston Miles 

Rebecca Mitchell and Scott Johnson

George Molsbarger 

Jonathan and Brynn Moody 

Kimberly and Paul Moore 

Mark Moorman 

Janice and Donald Mottinger 

Megan Moyer 

Henry Moyers 

Sam Mullis 

Lester Munson 

S.V. Nafzger Family Fund 

Jay Nayak 

Douglas Neimann 

Paul Nelson and Shobha Sinha 

John Newby 

Sandra Newing 

Margaret and Danny Nikitas 

Patrick Nissley 

Dennis Noonan 

Christine O’Connor 

Jon Olson 

Matthew Olson 

Jean Opheim 

Otzen Family Foundation 

Patricia Owen

John Paduano 

Anita and Patrick Pakiz 

Bill Palmer 

Sharon and Marvin Passkoff 

Frank Woods Petersen 

Deborah Phillips and Michael Krimminger 

Tad and Cindy Piper Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation 

Pledgeling Foundation 

Molli and Kenneth Pletcher 

The Pohl Family 

Gregory Poore 

Mark and Marie Porter 

Justin Pratt 

Earl Prescott 

Melissa and Kent Rademacher 

Bill and Jane Rader 

William Radue 

Nancy Jeanne Ralston 

Dee Rambeau 

Laree and Arch Rambeau 

Lynn and Peter Ramme 

Joyce and Gerard Raney 

Laura and Thomas Rasmussen

Mary Rasmussen and David Chapek 

Thomas Reed 

Dar and Geri Reedy 

Kimberly and Larry Reese 

Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. 

Rhein Family Charitable Fund 

Rhino Capital Advisors, LLC 

Marvin Richards 

Mary Richards 

Lynne Richer 

Anita B. & Howard S. Richmond Foundation, Inc. 

Jacquelynn Richmond 

Gene and Carol Rintels 

Judy and Bob Ritter 

Jean Vukas Roberts and Scott Roberts 

Scott Roberts 

Cristy Robertson 

Kathy Rockwell 

Roe Foundation, Inc. 

Marty Root 

Eigil Rothe 

Lisa and Jeffrey Rowsey

Kalyn Rulis 

Joyce and Donald* Rumsfeld 

Sue Ruth 

Michaela Saly 

L. Paul Samson Family 

Michael Sarris 

Susan Schade 

Lisa and Dan Schimmel 

Paul Schneider 

Cari and Jeffrey Schnipper 

Patricia and Ed Scott 

Noah Seiler 

Linda and Marv Seppala 

Diana Serrell 

Mike Setter 

Melissa Fors Shackelford and Glen Shackelford 

Daniel Shea and P. Stephanie Stokes 

Erin Sheehan and Matt Urbanowicz 

Carrie and Rodney Shifflett 

Shine Associates, LLC 

Shine Wealth 

Cheryl Shult 

SK Foundation

Joseph Skrajewski 

Val and Sorell Slaymaker 

Mary and Michael Smale 

Chris and Dean Smith 

Sandy and Dave Solberg 

Beatrice Solis 

Jim Solomon 

Maureen and Jon Spencer 

Bill Stanley 

Kirk Steinseifer 

Kristin and Gerald Stenson 

Ira and Kay Stolzer 

Christina Stone 

Susan Stout 

Stracke Family Fund 

John F. Suby* 

Cyndee and Steve Sundquist 

Karen and Jason Sussman Family Foundation 

June and Richard Swartz 

TA Realty, LLC 

Marilyn and Joseph Tapajna 

Liza Tassinari 

David V.N. Taylor Foundation 

James A. Taylor 

Judy and Dick Terry

Paul Tewes 

Sharon Thaler 

B. Thiem 

Anne and Peter Thomas 

Elizabeth S. Thompson Fund 

Thomson Reuters 

Susan and Michael Thonis 

Tracy and Ernest Thurber 

Marisa Todd and Randal Stueve 

Eileen Robb Trebesch Charitable Gift Fund 

Ms. Tracy Tucker 

Mac Tull 

Douglas Unger Philanthropic Fund Jewish Federation of Las Vegas 

Karen Valentine and Dean Helgeson 

James W. Vandehei and Autumn H. Vandehei Family Fund 

Mary and Mark Van Domelen 

Richard and Diane Van Grunsven Family Foundation 

Vista Foundation 

Viuker-Banister Fund

Carl and Mary Voss 

Tessa Voss 

Wendy Wade 

Amy Walen 

Lon and Peggy Walters 

Cynthia and Steven Wanamaker 

Al and Mariette* Ward 

Diane and Loren Wasson 

Jeff Wayne 

Webb Family Fund 

Rebecca and Brad Weprin 

Nancy Weyerhaeuser 

Debbie and Matthew Wheat 

Debbie and Gary Whicker 

Audrey White 

Sarah Whitlock 

Guy Wiebking 

Sharon Wiebking 

Colleen and Keith Wietecki 

Nathan Wiita 

Frank Wilberding 

Joe and Judy Williams 

Kelly Williams and Andrew Forsyth 

Charles Wimmer

Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

 Gloria Perez and John Harens 

Charles L. Wright III 

Lea Wulf 

Stephanie Wyler and Scott Croswell 

Bob Yari 

Sharon McDonald Young 

Lee Zacharias 

MJ Zuckerman


*Deceased; #Multi-year Pledge

With thanks to those who have made our shared vision part of their legacy. Your generosity will empower recovery for generations to come.

Anonymous (81) 

Ella Langdon Alford* 

Dick Allen* 

Mary K. Allen 

John Altschul 

Bernadette Pini St. Lawrence Ames* 

Camille B. Amy* 

David Amy 

John Amy 

Katherine Anderton* 

David Austin 

Buck Baker 

Ralph Baker 

Bob Balinski* 

Karin S. Bannerot, RN, MSN 

Edward Bayuk 

Douglas and Diane Beaudoin 

Lisa J. Becker 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beil 

Yuriko Bellesiles 

Pat Benedict 

Susan Berger 

Ronald T. Bergstrom* 

Jo Anne Berschet 

Edra Blixseth

Tim Blixseth 

Eugene Boe* 

Sherry and John Boop 

Ms. Mary Ann Bowser 

Al Bradley 

Tony Brady 

Caroline Strang Branstad* 

Ruth Vollrath Braun* 

Betsy and Ole Bredrup 

Sidney Bremer 

Reverend Sandra Britton 

Karl and Sandy Brogren 

Dr. Josephine H. Brown* 

Susan Bruce 

Diane Bryers 

Dorothy and George* Bujnoch 

L. Keith Bulen* 

Norene Bunker* 

Will Burrington 

Aimee M. Butler* 

Cooley O. Butler* 

Malcolm Butler* 

Mary Butler and Loren Mickelsen 

Ms. Barry Goodwin Carbonell* 

Maria Rita Caso

Ernie Chabot* 

Joyce Chabot 

Kelly Chaka and Denny Gehrisch* 

Cathy Charboneau 

William O. Claassen* 

Jeanne C. Clark* 

Jacqueline Clarke 

Bernice Clutteur* 

Jan Clymer 

Pearl Cohen 

Wayne Cohen* 

Hugh Connerty 

Bruce Conybeare 

Ronald P. Cook* 

Max E. Cooklin, in memorium, Christina Henning Cooklin 

Noel Coon 

Ann C. Cooper 

David C. Cooper* 

Sol Courtman 

Robert and Desiree Covington 

R. Scott Cramer 

Alan J. Cunnien* 

Rebecca Dalton

Kathryn* and Wayne Damerow 

Carol A. Davis 

Neal J. Dean* 

Connie Deanovich and David M. Stevenson 

Peter Deluca 

Al and Leonie DeRamus 

Tom and Jan DeSmet 

Jeanne* and Edwin Diner 

Benn S. DiPasquale 

Carmelle Dolega 

Tony Doom 

Tom Doyle 

Elizabeth A. Drutschmann 

Aurora* and Dennis Dukes 

Frances Dulaney 

John W. Dutcher* 

Glenn* and Betty* Edquist 

Nancy Edwards 

Jay Ehrlich and Cecila Hamilton 

Mr.* and Mrs.* James Donald Elder 

Karen Elliott 

Yvonne Ervin* 

Janet H. Eyre*

Sara Fagin 

Fahlstedt Family Trust 

Lee Faulconer* 

Marie C. Fauth* 

Joe Favazza* 

Sam Fehrenz* 

William* and Beverly Fichtner 

Catherine M. Fisher* 

Gregory and Francene Fisher 

James Fisher 

Mary Fisher 

Jill Flores* 

Estate of Donald A. Fonte 

President Gerald R. Ford* and Mrs. Betty Ford* 

Steven Forry 

Virginia Frankel* 

Dennis W. Frankenberry* 

Katie Heil Frankenberry 

Thomas Freitag* 

Tim Gaffney 

Paula Gardin 

G.L. (Jerry) Gaumond* 

James Geckler and Peter Jackson

Kelly Chaka and Denny Gehrisch* 

Sheila Gennuso* 

Susan M. Gentry* 

Sandra D. George 

Kelly Gieser 

Ren Girdler 

David W. Givens, Jr. 

Karen Glenn 

Jim and Lisa Glowacki 

Charles Godchaux* 

Minnie Gold* 

Gail Gorton 

Philip and Lori Grandmont 

Isa Grasmick* 

Tom Graves 

Alice M. Gray* 

In memory of Victor Green from your loving daughter Rebecca 

Peggy and Jim Greenbaum 

Ms. Barbara Greenberg 

Rev. Gordon R.* and Esther O. Grimm 

Martin and Jane Gross 

Gene and Edna Ground

Dr. Stephen and Patricia Gulbrandsen 

Ed and Marlene Guttenberg 

Robert and Barbara Hadley 

Paul Hagle 

Gordon Hall* 

Bill and Barbara Hardy* 

Clara L. Harris* 

William P. Harris 

Margaret B. Hassett 

William D. Hassett, Jr.* 

Alice Henseler* 

Robert S. Herbert 

Reverend Alan A. Herbst* 

Annie and Jim Hewgley 

Eddie and Retta Hight 

Robert R. and Jaclyn Tilley Hill Family Charitable Fund 

Betty Ann Hoehn 

In memory of John-Jack Hoffman, Peter & Jone Hoffman 

Sondra and Mike Hogan 

Gail Holcomb 

Jerry Holcomb* 

Judi Hollis 

Rick and Rita Homan

James D. Hruska* 

Will Hudson 

Henry Huestis* 

Holly E. Humphreys* 

John and Ruth Huss 

Mell and Nancy Jackson 

Roger N. Jaeger 

Mary Frances James* 

Millie Jensen* 

Andrew Jeon, MD* 

Mary E. Jernstadt* 

Kenneth Jewell 

Bill Jewitt* 

Gary W. Johnson 

Gilbert E. Johnson* 

Susan Joynt 

Tony and Yolanda Joynt 

Gregg Juarez* 

Edward D. Juergens* 

Andrew F. and Shirley L. Kahn 

Ann Dubrul Kalthoff* 

Dave and Paula Kamps 

Nancy A. Karnes* 

Joan Katz* 

James A. Keenan, Jr. and Mary Louise Keenan*

Mr.* and Mrs.* Henry J. Kehe 

Roger T. Kelley* 

Bob Kemper 

Jean T. Kersulis* 

Dan and Arlene Kirby 

Judy & Alan Kosloff 

Kim Koslow 

Susan Evenson Kotecki 

Gene* and Justine Kraft 

Mark Kramer* 

Joan Kroc* 

Ann Kugel 

Ann B. Kuhn* 

Arthur Lague* 

William J. Lammers 

Reed Lampley 

Jay Robert Larkin* 

Richard (Ree) H.* and Betty J. Lasker 

Dr. S. Katherine Laughon 

Joe* and Doris* Letourneau 

Nancy Lindau* 

James and Pat Linehan 

Janet Litvin 

Gail M. Lloyd* 

Kathryn H. Lofvegren*

Eric Lund 

John P. Lunden* 

Laurie Lunsford 

Dr. John MacDougall and Mrs. Priscilla MacDougall 

Norman F. Mack* 

Eddie Mackay 

Donald MacMillan 

Doug and Norma Madsen 

Brian Mahoney 

Mary Virginia Mallett* 

Jennifer A. Markoe 

Michael Martella 

Geoff Mason 

Marje Mathers* 

Joseph* and Lucille* Maun 

Corrin Maure 

Margaret* and Michael* McCarthy 

Jan McDonough 

Michael and Jane McDonough 

Dorothy and Duane* McDowell 

Margaret J. McFarland* 

Kevin and Cindy McGuire 

Cheryl McKinley

A. Thomas McLellan, PhD 

Douglas and Kristi McNamara 

William* and Margaret* A. McNamee 

Dean B. McPhail 

Carol Meier* 

Gary Mercer 

Mary J. Meuwissen 

Jerry Meyer 

Mark and Susan Miller 

Howard Millstein 

Karyn Kay Minar, in honor of Connie M. and Gayle M. 

Connie and Byron Mizuha 

Pat Mohr 

Philip Monaghan* 

Jeanne Morrison* 

Jim Morrison 

Skip* and Jody* Mott 

William C. Moyers 

Eileen Mueller 

Carol Munson 

William* and Ann* Murphy 

Max G. Nagel and Judith E. Nagel 

Linda Nathan*

Mr. Michael Neatherton and Mrs. Maria Neatherton 

Ned Novogroski* 

Christine Maria O’Connor 

Mr. Arthur Okner 

Pierre and Jane Olney 

Jon D.* and Mary H.* Olson 

Joan O’Neil* 

George O’Sullivan* 

Victor Ottenstein* 

James Owens* 

Mickey Palitz 

Nancy Cochrane Palmer* 

Roger R. Palmer* 

Helen Pappas, in memory of Nicholas Pappas 

John Parkhurst* 

Ms. Becky Paschall 

Ms. Patricia Patterson 

Dr. Mary Pattiz* and Mr. Norman Pattiz* 

Mr. Derek Paulson 

Laura Paulisich and Behzad Afshar-Naseri 

Mr. Paul Pavlat and Ms. Carol Glenn 

Carl* and Annette* Pepper

Kenneth D. Peters 

Jack* and Brenda Petersen 

Mr.* and Mrs.* Walter W. Peterson 

Sally Phinny 

Mr.* and Mrs.* Allan R. Phipps 

Carol Pine 

Patty Pinson* 

Ms. Kathryn Platt 

Mr. Ralph Pleasant 

Mr. Peter Pocklington and Ms. Eva Pocklington 

Chuck Poore 

Kathy Poore* 

Malcolm* and Carol* Price 

Mrs. Joan Probasco and Mr. William Probasco 

Tim and Gloria Rajkowski 

Freda Reaser* 

Charles Rechlin 

Elizabeth Reed* 

Dar and Geri Reedy 

Mr. Robert Reifschneider and Mrs. Donna Reifschneider 

Marcia Renaux 

Ms. Lisa Reynolds 

Janet Rhodes*

Robert B. Ridder* 

John L. Riegel Jr.* 

Ed and Darlene Riegert 

Mrs. Meredith Riekse 

Julie Riessman 

Georgia Jean Rinker* 

Dr. Michael Ritz 

Ira and Cini Robb 

Mr. Kenneth Robinson and Mrs. Bonnie Robinson 

Mark Robinson 

Stephen H. Rodgers* 

Pete Roess 

Mrs. Jeanne Rohrer and Mr. Mark Rohrer 

Mr. James O. Rorvig* 

Mr. Richard Rouse and Mrs. Iby Rouse 

Lynne Ruffin* 

Dianne and Charlie Russ 

Ruth Fund 

Tina Ruttenberg 

Tom Salstone* 

Hedda P. Saltz 

Wendell and Victoria Samson 

Louise H. Saunders*

William F. Scandling* 

Carlin Scherer, PhD 

Harold and Alice* Schlenker 

Mr. Joseph Scott 

Alfred Sedgwick* 

Kathy Seidel 

Mary Beth Self 

Chuck Semrow and Carrie Buck 

Dr.* & Mrs.* Sid John Shafer 

Lisa and Dudley Shaffer Anderson 

George Shepard* 

Alida White Sherman* 

Corinne Shotliff 

Carrie and Doug Sibila 

Mr.* and Mrs. James Simpson III 

Mr. Mark Smith 

Robert E. Snyder* 

Mary Spencer* 

Deborah St. Laurent 

Katheryn Stamm* 

Nanette L. Stavis Revocable Trust 

Clifford* and Carol* Stiles 

Linda and Frank Stone

Robert O. Sullivan* 

Anne Reich Sunkel 

Mr. William Taffe, Sr. and Mrs. Robin Taffe 

Judy and Jerry* Tamkin 

Stephanie Tanler 

Helen Gwyn Taws 

Florence Thoke* 

Mr. James Thompson and Mrs. Karen Thompson 

John Miles Thompson* and Wanda Thompson 

Mrs. Laura Tirsch 

Harry Tod* 

Kevin Tomm* 

Mr. Bill Tschantz* And Mrs. Nathalie Tschantz* 

William John Upjohn* 

Carolyn and Mike Vale 

Ted Vandling* 

Mrs. Carole Vignau 

Robert* and Helen* Waddle 

Victor T. Wahl* 

Mrs. Sheila Wald and Mr. Stephen Wald 

Joe Walk 

Rev. Paul Walker 

Louie and Peggy Walters

Dr. Marvine Weatherby* 

Dr. Paul Weiseth 

Ms. Judy Wells 

John Wendt* 

Gregory and Jacqueline Wennes 

Gardner* and Louise* West 

Matthew S. Whisman, in honor of Steve Whisman and David Wall 

Richard Wilcox and Julia O. Wilcox* 

Joyce and Max Wildman* 

Francis A. Wilhelm Jr.* 

Dr. Paul Wilkes 

Mr. George Willcox and Mrs. Colleen Willcox 

Harriet T. Williams* 

Jack Williams* 

Mr. Mark Williamson and Mrs. Maryellen Williamson 

Mr. Raymond Willie, Jr. and Mrs. Ellen Willie 

Jim and Janet Wilson 

Mr. Allen Winslow and Mrs. Carol Winslow 

Mr.* and Mrs.* James S. Womack 

Christopher and Heather-Lee Wysong

Louise K. Yates* 

Marie Zimney*



Board of Trustees 

Susan Ford Bales

Ruth Barker

Kathryn Helgaas Burgum

William J. Cirone

Susan Engeleiter

James Frey

James R. Greenbaum

Ann B. Highet

Joseph Lee, MD

Lester Munson

Bill Parker

Mary Turner Pattiz, PhD*

Gloria Perez

John Power, Sr.

Rob Reifschneider

Cini Gannon Robb

Mike Sime

Cameron Strang

Quinton Studer

Donald Warne, MD, MPH

Jonathan Webb

MaryPat Woodard

Board of Governors

William J. Cirone

Carlton Erickson, PhD

Derek Francis

Hon. Susan Fox Gillis

John F. Kelly, PhD

Joseph Lee, MD

Stacie Mathewson

Mary Turner Pattiz, PhD*

Bennett Rosenthal

Timothy Sheehan, PhD*

Mike Sime

Cameron Strang

Constance M. Weisner, PhD

President's Council 

Gregg Eskenazi

Jeffrey Goldring

Walton Vetter Goldring

Paul Gossling

Jaclyn Tilley Hill

A. John Huss, Jr.

Philip Lawrence

R. Brad Martin

John Power, Sr.

John G. Rice

Mike Sime

Betty Ford Center Council 

Adair Brown

James R. Greenbaum

Eric Lund

Stacie Mathewson

Stephen McCormack

Maria McDonald

Cheryl McKinley

Peter Morimoto

Dee Rambeau

John Rasor

Rob Reifschneider

Roberta Reifschneider

Brian Rosenstein

Bernard Ruiz-Picasso

Christopher M. Tull

Chicago Council

Doug Baum

Lindsay Clark

Hon. Susan Fox Gillis

James Hofheimer

Lois Joast

Brendan M. Mulshine

Lester Munson

Daniel Nikitas

Janis Robinson

Arch W. Shaw II

Philip Szczepaniak

Frank Wilberding, Jr.

Florida Council

Michael Fina

Carl Locke

Lori Ports

Minnesota Council

Janet Carlson

Litton Field

Theia Johnson

Elizabeth King

John Magnuson

Nancy Orr

Andrea Stimmel

Catherine Lane Weyerhaeuser

New York Council 

Ronan Harty

Margaret Brennan Hassett

Steven Hornstock

Robert. M. Manocherian

Judith Davidson Moyers

Charles Rubenstein

Paul Zumbro

Pacific Northwest Council 

Barbara Farris

Ann B. Highet

Donald Thiry

Society of Canada Council 

Grant Fuhr

Brian Mahoney



2022 Financial Report

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