Programs and Services FAQs

We understand. Rehab and recovery are what we’re all about, but addiction treatment is probably a whole new world for you. Here’s a quick Q&A for you about our treatment programs, insurance coverage, services for families and more.
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What kind of rehab programs do you offer?

Hazelden Betty Ford offers both inpatient (residential) and outpatient addiction treatment for adolescents and adults. Our inpatient treatment centers are located in Minnesota, California, Oregon and Florida.

With the exception of our Florida center, all Hazelden Betty Ford inpatient treatment programs include medical units where detox services are provided by medical doctors and nurses who specialize in addiction care. If you are admitted to Hazelden Betty Ford as a residential patient in Minnesota, California or Oregon, you will begin your stay on a medical unit. Then, once you have safely and comfortably detoxed, you will be transferred to a treatment unit where a multidisciplinary care team create your individualized treatment plan. Your care plan may include mental health services for co-occurring disorders. 

Our outpatient program options include several different levels of care so you can transition progressively from more frequent and intensive therapy to less intensive therapy as you strengthen your recovery. These levels are: high-intensity outpatient treatment (sometimes referred to as partial hospitalization or day treatment), intensive outpatient program and low-intensity outpatient program. In addition, we offer a variety of recovery support services and resources to guide your lifelong recovery process.

Do you offer online treatment services?

Yes. Hazelden Betty Ford provides virtual addiction treatment programs as well as mental health services. You can access our telehealth services by using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or any device with an Internet connection and a camera. In addition to the easy-to-use video conferencing platform, our virtual systems comply with federal and state health care privacy regulations (e.g., meets HIPAA-compliant telemedicine standards).  

We also offer a number of programs and resources to inform, guide and support your family. Our one-day, virtual Family Program is designed to help you and your loved ones learn about the disease of addiction, the process of recovery and the importance of healthy boundaries, coping skills and self-care. You can take part in our Family Program even if you don’t have a family member in treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford. We offer a Spanish-language Family Program option as well. You and your family members might also be interested in our web and phone-based counseling services, called Connection for Families®.

In addition, our Healthy Relationships Program is an intensive, 10-week series of workshops and personalized coaching to help you if a loved one is struggling with substance use issues—whether they aren’t ready to get help, are currently receiving help, have completed an addiction treatment program or have returned to substance use. This program focuses on healthy communication, problem-solving and positive reinforcement skills.

What does alcohol and drug rehab cost?

The cost of drug or alcohol rehab is one of the biggest concerns our patients and their families raise. It’s an expense most have never faced before, and there are many factors to involved. That’s why the question of cost can’t be answered simply: Everyone’s situation—types of insurance coverage, financial circumstances, recommended addiction treatment path (whether inpatient our outpatient rehab)—is different.

By calling the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation at 1-866-831-5700 and talking with a member of our patient access team, you will have a much better understanding of your cost and coverage options. A clinical assessment can be done to determine the type and level of care needed, and our financial advocates will work with you and your insurance provider to determine costs covered by insurance and costs that would be your responsibility. We will also work together to determine a funding plan that’s best for you.

Think about the cost of rehab from another perspective, the price of not getting the most-effective treatment for addiction:

  • Money spent on drugs and/or alcohol
  • Expense of less effective substance abuse treatment— repeated visits
  • Medical costs related to use (ER visits, hospital stays)
  • Cost of legal consequences (possession, selling, DUI, stealing)
  • Lost wages from time away from work or loss of job
  • Cost of wasted opportunities—academic, professional, personal growth
  • Loss of treasured relationships because of lying, stealing, emotional volatility, etc.

Does my health insurance cover the cost of drug rehab at a Hazelden Betty Ford treatment center?

Hazelden Betty Ford is in-network with most major insurance providers, with the exception of Medicaid and Medicare. Please call us at 1-866-831-5700 and we will verify that your insurance provider is in-network and look into your specific coverage and benefits with you.

How does the insurance process work?

When you call Hazelden Betty Ford, we will confirm your insurance coverage and benefits with your health insurance provider. The next steps depend on what your insurance benefits and contract cover, and the appropriate level of care and substance abuse treatment recommended by our clinical team. If required, we will provide your insurance company with the information needed for pre-authorization. While your health insurance might cover rehab, your insurance provider could have specific criteria in order to access those benefits.

Our recovery experts will also work on your behalf to obtain authorization for the level of rehab recommended by our clinicians for you. Insurance providers can take up to 72 hours to notify us that care has been authorized. That’s a long time to wait, especially if you or your loved one wants to begin rehab immediately. In that situation, you can pay the required deposit for admission out-of-pocket, but you risk denial of insurance coverage. If treatment is later authorized by your insurance, we will still have to do concurrent reviews with your insurance company to provide updates of your clinical progress and medical necessity.

Insurance companies often authorize a few days of coverage at a time and then require additional information before authorizing more treatment days. Our team will work with your insurance to get those additional days authorized, and will let you and your clinical team know if and when days are authorized or denied. Sometimes the initial level of care is no longer needed, and we help patients move into a less intensive level of care covered by their insurance.

Does Hazelden Betty Ford accept Medicare or Medicaid coverage?

Our programs are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid policies.

How much does drug rehab cost without insurance?

Addiction treatment program costs vary, depending on the level and type of clinical care and drug rehab programming involved. Some factors affecting the cost of treatment include:

  • Detox – Some of our patients require detox, a medical service that helps to ease the discomfort of substance use withdrawal and reduce alcohol or other drug cravings. Medical staff monitor the patient’s medical and mental health condition through the detox process to address any medical concerns.
  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab Programs – Inpatient rehab includes more programming and services, so costs are higher than outpatient rehab programs. Some patients begin treatment in an inpatient drug rehab and transition to an outpatient program when advised, reducing the cost of rehab.

These are some of the important factors we will discuss when you call our recovery experts at 1-866-831-5700. We will not only assess your situation and give you the best clinical recommendation, but also balance those considerations with your ability to pay. We can also determine if financial aid is available to help ease financial concerns.

What happens in treatment?

Everyone’s experience will be different in treatment because your care depends on the specific issues and challenges you face and the types and levels of treatment you receive. For example, you might need detox services and residential treatment. Or an outpatient treatment program might be most appropriate for your needs. You might also receive other services while in treatment, such as mental health care for co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety. Here’s a closer look at what’s involved in addiction treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford

We encourage you to call 1-866-831-5700 to talk with one of our patient access coordinators who can give you a better idea of what your treatment experience will be like. 

How long will I have to be in treatment?

Your clinical care team at Hazelden Betty Ford will continually assess your progress and make recommendations about your treatment pace and duration. We may not be able to provide a timeline immediately because we need to understand your situation and needs based on your substance use history, medical and mental health assessments, and other considerations. Our recommendations may change over time based on how well you progress through rehab. If treatment is authorized by your insurance company, we provide updates of your clinical progress and the reasons you may need to stay longer.

What are your success rates?

If you’ve been looking into addiction treatment programs for yourself for a loved one, you’ve probably run into a shortage of hard data on rehab success rates. In general, the addiction treatment field lacks consistently reported—and, in some cases, scientifically valid—ways of measuring the impact of alcohol and drug rehab programs.

Unlike other chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or hypertension, there aren’t clear-cut physiological indicators or lab tests that demonstrate whether the disease is subsiding or the patient is healing. Instead, addiction treatment outcomes are typically assessed across a variety of clinical, quality of life and behavioral domains. Hazelden Betty Ford measures and reports substance use disorder treatment results based on patient follow-up data relating to three categories of change:

  • Length of sobriety
  • Quality of life
  • Aftercare compliance

Learn more about Hazelden Betty Ford’s treatment results and how our Butler Center for Research collects, reviews and reports rehab success rates and patient outcomes related to sobriety and well-being.

Can people visit me during treatment?

Each of our treatment centers has different days and times for people to visit. Ask about visitor hours for a specific location when you talk with a member of our patient access team.

What programs do you have to help family and loved ones?

Alcohol and drug addiction impacts everyone in the family—which is why families need help and support, too. At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, family members have life-changing opportunities to learn about the disease of addiction, recognize how you've all been affected, and develop healthy new ways of coping.

Through our programs, services and resources for families, you and your loved ones will learn how to work through the difficulties you've experienced, understand how to set healthy boundaries, and begin to rebuild trusting relationships. Many of our family services are free and available to anyone. In addition, many are provided virtually so you can access support from anywhere. We also offer Family Program services for Spanish speaking participants, Native Americans, and a program for parents, guardians and siblings of loved ones ages 12-25.

Our one-of-a-kind Children's Program helps kids ages 7-12 who grow up with alcohol or drug addiction in their families. With kid-friendly stories and activities, the program helps children understand what addiction is, how it gets a hold of people, and that it has nothing to do with how much family members love one another.