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Create a workplace that's prepared to support employees struggling with substance use disorder with  confidential, comprehensive and proven resources. 
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The Costly Effects of Substance Use Disorder

Millions of Americans are struggling with substance use disorder—and your workplace may be feeling the effects. With 7 out of 10 employees impacted by substance use disorder, many of your own employees are likely experiencing increased absenteeism, lost productivity and costly healthcare expenditures. Workplace support for substance use disorder can save you $8,500 per employee or dependent that finds recovery. But most importantly it gives employees and their loved ones hope and healing for a renewed life. 

Removing Barriers, Empowering Recovery and Inspiring a Healthier Workforce

Welcome to the Hazelden Betty Ford Workplace Wellbeing Solution, a comprehensive suite of confidential and easy-to-access resources for recovery-ready workplaces. 

As an employer, employee assistance provider or health plan provider, we know navigating resources to support employees and their families can be an overwhelming process. However, with 87 percent of employees believing actions from their employer would help their mental health, that support is necessary—and we’re here to be your partner. 

Our workplace solutions are expertly designed to:

  • Make recovery resources readily available to all employees and their families
  • Help employees understand their risk level
  • Connect employees to proven-effective services and resources at the right time
  • Create a safe, stigma-free space with anonymous and confidential care

By supporting employees on their mental wellbeing journeys with a full suite of dedicated mental and substance use disorder care, you have the power to directly impact positive outcomes and decrease performance or absenteeism issues.

Hazelden Betty Ford Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

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Hope for employees. Hope for your company. Hope for the future.

I could finally see that drugs and alcohol were ruining everything. Once I realized where my life was going, I was extremely grateful to be in a place where I could get help. There was a solution for me. Things could be different. I was thirsty for this new knowledge. That’s how I started to learn about my addiction and how to start living again.

Elizabeth D.
Hazelden Betty Ford in Plymouth, Minnesota