The Renewal Center for Healing and Recovery from Addiction

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December 8-10

Sanity, Serenity and Sobriety in the Season

Achieving and maintaining sanity, serenity and sobriety at any time is a challenge—but even more so at Christmas. Join host Kathy McCauley for a weekend away on retreat for time "to unplug the Christmas tree" within yourself and find your quiet center. We will use songs, folktales and recovery literature to reacquaint you to the depth of serenity and sanity as by-products of healthy recovery. Prepare yourself for the best holiday season, by anchoring yourself in real serenity and sanity which makes living sober a little easier and happier for everyone. 

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Welcome to the Gentle Home of 12 Step Recovery

The Dan Anderson Renewal Center is the place where we can retreat from the world momentarily, immerse ourselves in Twelve Step insights, and emerge with a stronger recovery, a gentle resolve and a keen understanding of life. This is where recovery lives.

Virtual 12 Step Sessions

Join us for our popular online Twelve Step sessions hosted by Paul Anderson and Peg Schroeder! These sessions offer history, context and insights into each specific Step. Register for all, a few, or just the Step that interests you most. Links to register are in the list below. Or call 1-651-213-4605.

Center City Unit Reunions

Our residential units are the chapters in life where recovery takes root. They are communities of incredibly caring people, our connections to whom will last a lifetime. Join Renewal Center Staff and fellow alumni for unit reunions this year. Every reunion includes fellowship with residents, reflection gatherings, group, lectures, and much more. To register, call 1-800-262-4882.

Upcoming Recovery Events


Meet Legend

Thanks to a generous donor with a passion for animal-assisted programming, a specially-trained therapy dog named Legend has joined the Dan Anderson Renewal Center (DARC) team.

Legend, a Labradoodle, provides comfort and emotional support for guests at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center, where he attends groups and individual sessions.

Paul Anderson, spiritual care manager, said "the Renewal Center is a place for healing, recharging and reconnecting. Legend is a perfect fit for our family here. To watch the way he attends to our guests in their time of need captures the essence of what I think our grateful alumni had in mind when they so generously gave us all the gift of the Renewal Center!"

The Butler Center for Research recently published a Research Update entitled Animal-Assisted Therapy for Substance Use Disorders.

Dan Anderson Renewal Center rates include programming, meals, lodging and campus amenities. Retreat participants will enjoy a variety of group and speaker sessions, recovery yoga, evening fellowship, healthy meals and access to the pool, fitness center, meditation center and more. There's no extra charge for miracles.

  • $293/person per night includes a double-occupancy room, programming and meals
  • $415/night includes a private room, programming and meals

*Prices are subject to change; certain retreats require an additional one-time program fee.

Register as a group of three or more and receive a 15% discount.

Limited financial aid, based on demonstrated need and availability of funds, is available for Renewal Center guests. Request a scholarship application when you call.

A transport vehicle is available for guests who arrive at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, bus terminal, or train terminal. Arrangements can be determined when making your Renewal Center reservation. Transportation fees are based on distance traveled.

  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • In-room coffeemaker (upon request)
  • Computer kiosks
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Washer and dryer
  • In room safes
  • Hair dryer (upon request)
  • Campus fitness center, pool, track and outdoor trails

  • Big Book, 12 & 12 or NA Basic Text
  • Notebook
  • Exercise clothes for yoga, gym, and swimming
  • Shoes and hat to walk the trails
  • Toiletries, including shampoo
  • Your own pillow if you prefer