Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Do you work in a safety-sensitive or high-profile profession? Are you worried that seeking help for addiction could hurt your career? Our treatment experts will help you get well and navigate return-to-work issues. 
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Evidence-based alcohol and drug rehab through Hazelden Betty Ford's Professionals Program supports recovery and assistance to make a successful return to your career as a professional.

Alcohol and other drug addiction is a chronic, progressive disease to which health care providers (nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers), pilots, lawyers, executives and any "safety-sensitive workers" such as first responders, police officers and those who work for the railroad and other professionals, are not immune. Hazelden Betty Ford specializes in helping professionals address substance use issues—while assisting you in returning to work in your career.

Outpatient Evaluation Program

Over the course of three days, you will meet with our specialized medical and behavioral health professionals to evaluate your situation and determine a plan of action, including:

  • Detailed recommendations for clinical care, if appropriate
  • A vocational assessment with clear recommendations regarding fitness to practice
  • A summary for your employer and/or monitoring/licensing board

Understanding Your Situation as a Professional

The very strengths professionals have—problem solving, caretaking, perfectionism—can be stumbling blocks to recovery from addiction. Workplace challenges that may impact recovery include:

  • A business culture of using alcohol or other drugs
  • Access to narcotics
  • Stressors that are specific to your occupation
  • Work hours that impact work/life balance
  • Expectations in the work environment around public safety

At Hazelden Betty Ford, a multidisciplinary team will work with you to understand your situation and determine your individualized treatment plan. Our mental and medical assessments and taking of a thorough substance use history will determine if addiction treatment is needed and, if so, what level of services will best fit your individual, clinical needs.

Addiction treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford is holistic and individualized, utilizing evidence-based practices and a Twelve Step approach. Core treatment services include:

  • Medical detoxification when needed
  • Initial and ongoing assessment and treatment planning
  • Integrated mental health services
  • Gender-specific programming
  • Individual therapy
  • Educational sessions on the disease of addiction, family dynamics, relapse triggers, Twelve Step recovery principles and more
  • Wellness and spiritual care
  • Inclusion of family members throughout treatment
  • Twelve Step meetings specific to your profession, when available
  • Continuing care planning

Our Professionals Program also addresses back-to-work issues such as:

  • Career restoration
  • Professional practice and reputation
  • Licensing or disciplinary matters
  • Participation in monitoring programs
  • Continuing care
  • Documentation needed at discharge for a referring organization

Extra Focus When Needed

More often than not, addiction comes with complicating factors such as co-occurring mental health issues related to depression, anxiety or trauma. We take an integrated approach to your care, addressing addiction and mental health issues at the same time. Your treatment team includes medical and mental health professionals who design your care plan with whatever therapies, services and medications are appropriate.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and based on continuous assessment of your progress. Professionals may experience other issues that complicate recovery. Based on your assessment, our clinicians may add to your treatment plan one or more specialized programs that address:

  • Trauma
  • Gender or sexual identity
  • Pain
  • Opioid use disorder
  • Body image
  • Relapse prevention

With You, Every Step

Regaining and maintaining your health means learning to live differently; learning to manage a chronic disease. At Hazelden Betty Ford, help and support continues beyond the time you spend in treatment.

You will receive a personalized continuing care plan to support your recovery. Recommendations might include:

  • Ongoing therapy
  • Support groups
  • Recovery services specifically for professionals
  • Hazelden Betty Ford's Connections Program, a coaching and monitoring program
  • My Ongoing Recovery Experience (MORE), Hazelden Betty Ford's free web- and phone-based recovery management tool