Learn about Addiction, Treatment and Recovery

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Empower yourself with knowledge

If you’re here because you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, you are not alone. Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is a disease that strikes one in 10 Americans—and harms everyone else in its reach.

We understand the emotions you’re feeling because many of us at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation have stood where you are at one point in our lives, too. Starting down the road to recovery isn’t always easy, but if you’re here, you already know that living in active addiction is not the path for you and your family. No matter your story, or how you came to us, we are grateful to help you on your healing journey.

Stepping into unfamiliar territory is hard for everyone. Empowering yourself with knowledge about the disease of addiction, effective treatment options, and the process of recovery can help to ease your anxiety and invite an open and honest conversation with loved ones about getting help.

Your Quick Assessment

Wondering if your alcohol or drug use is becoming a problem? Here’s a quick self-assessment quiz you can take to get a better idea of your situation.

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Accepted Health Insurance

Figuring out your insurance coverage and benefits for substance abuse treatment can be challenging. Our experienced staff is skilled at working with all types of insurance plans and companies and can guide you in accessing the maximum benefits available.

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