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Learning how to live in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction—actually changing your mind-set and behaviors in almost every aspect of your life—presents new challenges at every turn. As the recovery saying goes, it's about learning to manage "life on life's terms."

Sometimes a fresh perspective or a little extra insight can make a world of difference. Whether you are engaged and involved in the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation alumni community or a fellow traveler who shares this life journey, we are here to help strengthen your recovery, build community and celebrate freedom from addiction. From Twelve Step retreats to speaker events to recovery apps, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers inspiration, guidance and support to help you live your best life.

Whenever, wherever and however you choose to join us for recovery community events and activities, welcome.

Stay Connected

Living in Recovery Emails

You can learn about new recovery tools and resources as well as hear about upcoming events and connect with others we encourage you to sign up for our Living in Recovery emails under Resources for Those in Recovery.

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Supporting Your Recovery from Alcohol or Drug Addictions

Addiction recovery means so much more than abstaining from the use of alcohol or other drugs.

Living in recovery means improving your health and wellness. It means recovering your sense of self and sense of purpose. It means striving to reach your full potential. And it means learning to live differently.

How? One decision, one action, and one day at a time.

Recovery groups, tools, activities and events at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation are designed to guide you and your loved ones through the challenges of early recovery, reinvigorate recovery during those inevitable tough times, and celebrate your hard-won recovery milestones.

Yes, recovery is a lifelong journey. But, thankfully, it's not a solo venture. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers you and your loved ones recovery help, support and inspiration—every step of the way.

People hear about treatment and think, 'If I can't drink, I'll never have fun again.' The truth is, recovery augments life. Your life gets so much bigger—you won't want to waste a second of it.

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Resources to Help You Stay Sober

If addiction treatment is about getting sober, recovery is about learning how to stay sober. The early months following treatment are a time of unique challenges and choices, and Hazelden Betty Ford's alumni recovery coaches and virtual resources can help you continue the journey you started when in our care.

Recovery Coaching

Once you finish your treatment program, you'll have immediate access to a dedicated recovery coach, who understands your journey and can be a resource as you transition into your next life phase. Our recovery coaches are a steady source of guidance and provide:

  • Three dedicated phone coaching sessions
  • Encouragement to set and reach personal goals
  • Information on recovery contacts near you
  • Twelve Step and alumni chapter meeting schedules for your area
  • Shared experience insights and inspiration
  • Essential relapse-prevention strategies when your sobriety is in jeopardy
  • Activities and resources found in our online library
  • Community resources to help with other life needs, including employment, housing, etc.

Web-based Tools to Strengthen Your Recovery

Through MyRecoveryCompass, our online health portal, you'll have ongoing access to our My Ongoing Recovery Experience (MORE) library. You'll begin to access MORE during treatment and have lifetime access to these personalized tools to help support your long-term recovery. With MORE, you can:

  • Work through issues commonly faced in early recovery
  • Identify healthy coping strategies by completing workshops and tasks
  • Access useful articles, videos, and fact sheets
  • Participate in live chats, online meetings and discussions with Hazelden Betty Ford alumni
  • Find links to helpful websites including Twelve Step programs
  • View a calendar of alumni activities and other recovery events

Sign into your MyRecoveryCompass account

If you are a Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation patient or alumnus, access MyRecoveryCompass.

Meet the Peer Recovery Coaching Team

Our alumni recovery coaches are licensed addiction counselors or recovery management specialists trained in virtual relapse prevention support. Based on your personal situation and concerns. our coaches will recommend specific articles, videos, and activities to help you thrive in recovery.

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Your recovery from alcohol or other drug addiction will be a lifelong journey, and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation will be with you every step of the way.

Post-rehab programs and resources at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation are designed to guide you through the challenges of early recovery, strengthening your recovery for the distance.

Personalized Recovery Plan

You will receive detailed post-rehab recommendations from your treatment team outlining structured recovery support options and other recovery resources to best fit your needs. Some of our signature services and resources include:

  • Continuing care groups
  • Mobile apps
  • Web-based recovery tools and activities
  • Recovery coaching
  • Online social networks
  • Recovery retreats